The Famous Omaheke Region

The Omaheke region is one of the most popular and successful regions of the country Namibia. It has been chosen to host the 2011 Football development tournament, one of the important events in Namibia. So, if you are a planning for a Namibia travel adventure, this may be one of the best times to do it. This will be the second time that the region will be hosting the said event, which has been a yearly event for the past 8 years. The Namibia Football Association has put their trust in the Omaheke region. For football lovers out there, visit the Omaheke region to witness this wonderful event.

The Omaheke region is the home of the Herero people of Namibia. The Herero people are very fierce. They fought for their lives and their countrymen during the German time. Other groups are also a part of this region such as the Nam group and the san group.

One of the major sources of livelihood in this region is cattle farming. This region has one of the best safaris and savannas that are best for game viewing. Hunting is also a part of the sources of livelihood in the Omaheke region. A great Namibia travel adventure would be going hunting in the forests of the Omaheke region. Hunting adventure usually takes place during the winter season, starting from the month June up to the month of August. These are the months when tourists are seen hunting in this region and enjoying collecting trophies.

Omaheke is located on the eastern part of Namibia. Omaheke came from the Herero word Sandveld, which is an area in the Omaheke region, probably the largest. The border areas of the Omaheke region are the three districts of Botswana namely Kgalagadi, Ghanzi, and North West. The border regions of Omaheke in Namibia are Hardap, Khomas, and Otjozondjupa.

The Omaheke region has 7 constituents such as Aminuis, Epukiro, Gobabis, Kalahari, Otjinene, Otjombinde, and Steinhausen. The capital city of Omaheke is Gobabis, which has about 15,000 citizens. 800 farms in the Omaheke region are found in Gobabis. While you are in this town, you can visit some of its tourist attractions such as the Gobabis Museum, the Harnas Lion, Leopard and Cheetah Farm, the Saa Ta Ko Campsite, and many more. The Gobabis museum has been opened since 1998. There are many exhibits are displayed here which were taken during the colonial area. The Harnas Lion, Leopard and Cheetah Farm are an organization that protects the big cats in Namibia. A great Namibia travel should include a stop over in the town of Gobabis in the Omaheke region.

Important buildings and structures in Omaheke are the Gobabis Railway Station and the Gobabis State Hospital. The Omitara Railway station is also an important infrastructure in the Omaheke region serving the towns of Omitara in the Omaheke region. The Legare Stadium is a great infrastructure also located in the region of Omaheke. Some of the sports events in Gobabis are held in the Legarde Stadium.

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