Touring in the Karas Region

Namibia travel is generally composed of any traveler’s chance to commune with nature. If there is one place in Namibia which could embody nature at its finest, that will be the Karas Region.

The Karas region is one of the thirteen administrative regions of the country Namibia. It has reached the population of 69, 329. It occupies the area of 161, 215 square kilometers in the country of Namibia. The people in Karas have an approximate population density of 0.5 square kilometers. Keetmanshoop is the capital city of Karas. It is named after the founder and industrialist of the city, Johann Keetman. The Karas region is also subdivided into 6 constituents namely Berseba, Luderitz, Karasburg, Keetmanshoop Rural, Keetmanshoop Urban, and Oranjemund. The region is located in the southernmost part of Namibia. The Karas Mountain Range located also in the southernmost part of Namibia reflects the name of this region.

Farming is the common source of livelihood in Karas. Its economy commonly consists of animals which help their people for their farming activities. Goats and sheep are some of the common animals seen in Karas. Boat building and fishing is also a part of their livelihood activities especially in the towns of Luderitz and Oranjemund. There are also mining enterprises in the southern part of the Karas region. Diamond is one of the most profitable and generating industries in this area. Namibia travel in Karas will give you the chance to experience diamond generation and production.

Many enterprises are built in this are to improve the lives of their people. These enterprises provide employment to many of their local workers, and help them improve their skills as well. Some of the best resorts, excursions, Namibia travel tours, game farming, hunting, and manufacturing of local arts are made possible by many of the enterprises in this region. These help the region to attract tourists and investors as well.

When you are looking for a great Namibia travel adventure, the Karas region is one of the best places to visit. This region has a lot of important and exciting tourist attractions that you will surely love. Namibia travel agencies never forget to bring their tourists in Karas for a great adventure.

Hot Water Springs are one of the favorite destinations in Karas. Ai Ai’s Hot Springs is one of the most famous hot springs in Karas. This place is known for its thermal hot water which is reach in chloride, fluoride and sulfur. This place is a good destination for people who suffer from rheumatism. Wonderful species of fish such as barbell and yellow fish can also be seen here.

The Kokerboom forest is another tourist attraction in Karas. This forest is known for having Quiver trees which are well taken care of. This place is a good place to camp as you can see animals such as lizards and frogs around the place.

The Fish River Canyon is the most popular tourist attractions in Karas. It is the largest canyon in the whole country of Africa. It is also the second largest canyon in the whole world which makes it very popular. The Fish River Canyon features an enormous ravine. It is the longest river in Namibia which flows occasionally depending on the season.

The town of Luderitz is also one of the most visited places in the Karas region because of its wonderful sceneries and destinations.

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