The Lush Greens of Kavango Region

Rainfalls are blessings to plants, animals and to the people of Namibia. The lush greens of the region are actually attributed to this heavenly blessing that gives Kavango the chance to highlight every Namibia travel.

The Kavango region is fifth in the list of the 13 administrative regions of Namibia. The Kavango region has a population of 202, 694. The Kavango region is one of the regions in Namibia with the highest population. The Kavango region has an area of 48, 463 square kilometers. The population density of the people in this region is 4.0 persons per square kilometers. The Kavango region is subdivided into the following constituents: Kahenge, Kapako, Mashare, Mpungu, Mukwe, Ndiyona, Rundu Rural East, Rundu Rural West, and Rundu Urban. The Kavango region borders the cities of Angola and Botswana, and the regions of Caprivi, Otjozondjupa, Oshikoto, and Ohangwena.

Rundu is the capital city of Kavango. It is located in the northern part of Namibia. Rundu is also the commercial capital of the Kavango region. The Rundu airport is one of the best attractions of any Namibia travel, as well as the open market in the city of Rundu.

Kavango is known as one of the regions in Namibia which experiences higher percentage of rainfall. Because of this, the region is able to have a great industry on vegetation and crops. Aside from this, they are also able to take care of their forests well, and bloom in the furniture making industry.

The Kavango people are mostly Christians, although there are still other religions practiced in the region. On political views, the Kavango people are divided into five kingdoms: the Kwangali kingdom, the Mbunza kingdom, the Shambyu kingdom, the Gciriku kingdom, and the Mbukushu kingdom. Kwangali is the most used language in Kavango, although some areas in the region still use the Shambyu, Gciriku, and Mbukushu languages.

The Kavango River is an important destination in this region. This river actually plays a very important role because it makes the region very clean and reserved, better than the other regions of Namibia. With this river, the Kavango people are able to make a living and Namibia travel becomes worthy to be included in your travel list.

The Khaudum Game Park is one of the places that you can visit while you are on your Namibia travel holiday. Although this park is not yet fully developed, you can enjoy viewing different kinds of animals here such as antelopes, leopards, elephants, wild dogs, zebras, lions, and leopards. There are also different species of birds that you can see. Over 320 bird species are seen in the Khaudum Game Park. When you are visiting this park, make sure that you are careful as there are no fences to this park.

The Mahango Game Reserve is a border place of the Khaudum Game Park. 400 species of birds can be seen here as well as rare species of animals like buffalo, roan, sable, bushbuck, sitatunga, reedbuck, and tsessebe.

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