The Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is located in the southern part of Namibia. It is the largest canyon in Africa which makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Namibia. It is also the second largest canyon in the whole world, next to USA’s Grand Canyon found in Arizona.

Majority of the Namibia travel tours are silenced and amazed by the breathtaking view of the Fish River Canyon. The Fish River Canyon is formed from the erosions of the Fish River and the erosions of the valley caused by the movements of the earth’s crust.

Often times, the Fish River Canyon becomes one of the best hiking trails in Southern Africa. Hiking in the Fish River Canyon is possible during the winter time, from the months of April to September and closed during the hot dry season. Hiking during the hot summer season is not advisable because the hike usually takes up to 5 days, and a very hot temperature is not a good factor when doing a hike. The hiking activity makes no use of facilities. Hikers are able to enjoy the life in the camps, and witness the wildlife around the camping area. The Fish River Canyon is closed during this season. If you are a person who loves to hike and visit the most popular places around the world, book an early schedule for your Namibia travel adventure in the southern part of Namibia to visit the spectacular Fish River Canyon. But bear in mind that it is a requirement for the hike that you provide a medical approval stating that you are physically fit to do the hike in the Fish River Canyon. When you have booked your Namibia travel tours going to the Fish River Canyon, here are some of the lodges that you can stay in before or after hiking: the Canon Lodge, the Canyon Hotel, and the Canon Roadhouse.

The Canyon does not only serve as a tourist attraction in Namibia, it also serves as a natural habitat for some small animals like Baboons, little Dassies (rock hyrax), and rock-hopping Klipspringer Antelope. Other species that are living near or within the Fish River Canyon are Mountain Zebra, Leopard and Kudu. These animals can be encountered during the hike in the Fish River Canyon, but most of the time, they are not visible to the hikers. Aside from these animals, many species of birds can also be seen in the Fish River Canyon. Up to 60 species of birds can be seen in the area such as Wagtails, Egyptian Geese, Hammer kops, Plovers and Herons.

The Fish River is situated on the lower part of the Fish River, the longest river in Namibia. It has been developed during the earlier times, probably 500 million years ago. The Fish River Canyon has an approximate distance of 160 kilometers going down to Ai-Ai’s, one of Namibia’s famous accommodations with spa resorts. The Fish River Canyon is a part of the Nature Conservation Park. The entrance to the Fish River Canyon is situated in the Hobas rest camp.

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