The Perfect Diamond Bracelet

Diamond is forever is a well-known expression about diamond. Diamond has many symbols, perfection, purity, luxury, strength, perseverance and love. That is why diamond dominates any other stones in this world. It is also the reason why diamond is usually used in a wedding ring to symbolize the ultimate love that someone could give to the partner. Unlike gold or silver, which can be reproduced and reformed through some processes, diamond is the hardest material on earth and it cannot be reformed or reproduced. That is why diamond is very expensive and becomes the king of the stones. The only way to reform diamond is by cutting it to a smaller piece and sharpens the edge. That is why diamond’s characteristic is graded based on 4C, i.e. cut, carat, color, and clarity.

A diamond ring for an accessory might give an impression of love but a diamond bracelet can be a perfect accessory for men or women who seek the impression of luxury and stylish. Diamond bracelet is usually simple and the design consists of small sets of stone in a flexible chain. This kind of diamond accessory was firstly introduced by a famous tennis player during the US Open in 1987, Chris Evert. She was using this kind of diamond bracelet while playing in the game and had lost it in the middle of the game. Realizing that she had lost the bracelet, she asked for a break and permission to find the bracelet. This accident became a renowned event that introduces a new name for diamond bracelet, tennis bracelet.

Diamond bracelet or tennis bracelet can be found in many jewelry stores in Singapore. One of the famous stores is the Cartier. This jewelry store has been selling silver, gold, and diamond accessories for more than 150 years and serves many famous people throughout the world. The designs are incredible and sophisticated, which is why sometimes it takes months of work to create a valuable piece of accessory. If you are interested to stop by the store, it is located in UOB ATM of Tang Plaza, Singapore.

Also if you are looking for an online jewelry shop, you can visit Vivo Diamonds, a highly reputable company which is located in Singapore and has served customers from all around the world. Vivo Diamonds guarantee the diamonds to fit the customer’s expectation and will be happily refund or exchange the diamond immediately within 30 days if the diamonds do not meet the expectation. Moreover, Vivo Diamonds gives a free shipment cost as for the buyer within the Singapore area.

Of course there are a lot of jewelry shops in Singapore aside from those two companies. Some of the recommended shops can be found in malls while others have their own boutique. At Lucky Plaza, you can find the Felin Jewellery and Richard Hung, at Far East Plaza, you can find the Huen’s Diamond, and at Orchard Delphi, you can find Canary Diamond. These stores have many selections of high quality diamond jewelries. The truth is you can buy diamond accessories in any place. To be safe, you can also ask for diamond appraisers to have their opinion concerning the diamond you are going buy. However, the price might be different and somehow their opinion might confuse you. That is why, if you are buying a diamond accessory in any stores, make sure you get the GIA certified diamond. This certification means that your diamond is not a synthetic one and you will get a certainty about the value of the diamond you buy. It might cost more but with GIA certification, your diamond will be priced in a fair way and acceptable all around the world if you are going to resell it someday.

Diamond bracelet is expensive, but the value it brings to the wearer worth it. So, if you really love jewels and accessories, make sure diamond bracelet is one of your collections. It is versatile since it can be used anywhere anytime, and unlike metal bracelet, such as gold or silver bracelet, diamond bracelet is harder and it can last forever without getting tarnished or broken, except for the additional metal or platinum used to attach the diamond.

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