The Top Heart Rate Monitor Watches in Singapore

Heart Rate Monitor watches are the newest gadgets for professional athletes and as Singapore is very sporty nation, with the city being full of parks and the great beaches of Sentosa also frequently used for working out, its no wonder that the newest Heart Rate Monitor watches are frequently used here. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular watches of this kind and will let you know where to find them in Singapore.

Heart Rate Monitor watches are the new professional watches frequently used by sportsmen, most often professionals who want always to control their heart rate before, during and after athletic exercises, most likely running and workout exercises. This new trend in watches came in several years ago, and it has quickly become fashionable among professionals who must control and regularly check their heart rate and this has proven to be an uneasy task in the lack of such device that can successfully control it at all times. Some of the brands that are experts in the making of sport watches have come out with their heart rate monitor watches a few years ago, so let us see which the current most popular brands are:

Garmin Forerunner 910XT
Garmin Watches are currently among the most successful professional watchmakers for sportsmen and sportswomen. Their collections are huge, including running, GPS and Heart rate monitor watches, most often combining all these aforementioned features. The Garmin Forerunner series are the most frequently used by runners, athletes and professional sportsmen for cardio exercises. The Garmin Forerunner series are not cheap but they have proved to be among the very best brands, with such other specific features as the track planning, the measuring of distances, the delivering of heart rate based exercise and training programs and other training related features. There are several forerunner watches all being the best in their area. In Singapore Garmin watches are pretty popular. The best place to find them is the Funan Digital Mall, in the downtown area of Singapore.

Timex Unisex Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Timex is another expert in the area of professional sports watches, so its Unisex Digital Heart Rate Monitor watch has quickly conquered the international market. Apart from heart rate, monitoring the watch can set you up training plans according to your heart rate with different levels of intensity. The watch also includes a 100-hour chronograph, 27 lap memory recalls, countdown timer and a great night light. With the help of the data decoder of Timex, you can connect the watch with your pc or laptop and can download to store your training results. These watches are also popular because of their affordable price and because their battery is user rechargeable. Find Timex stores in Singapore along Woodlands St. in the stores of Crystal Time Creation and Chelsea Watch Trading, along Orchard Road they are sold by House of Times.

Polar and Casio brands have also released their heart rate monitor watches which you can get to see in Singapore in large numbers, especially on behalf of Casio. The best places to find watches in Singapore are the Orchard Rd., for professional digital watches the Funan Digital Mall and the stores of City Chain. Check out the latest Heart rate monitor watches in Singapore first in these places.

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