Unique Rubber Bracelets

Every people is unique. If you recognize, each individuals have their own characters, manners, and styles. Talking about styles, people usually wants to have their signature style. A signature style is needed to show out your personality. The way of showing your signature style is from fashion. It can be your clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories. Not all people love using accessories. However, accessories are the easiest way to show your signature style. From all of accessories types, bracelet is the most favourite one. Since 5000 BC, the Egyptians are started to make bracelet from bones, woods, and stones. At that time the purpose of wearing bracelet is not for beauty but for spiritual purpose. An interesting fact about bracelet comes from Greece. In Greece, people wore bracelet on the first day of March until the end of summer for the purpose of protecting their skin from the sun. As time goes by, the material of bracelet is getting improved and the purpose of wearing the bracelet now is more for fashion, trademark or promotion.

There are many types of bracelet. Rubber bracelet is one of the various types of bracelet. Nowadays, many people use this kind of bracelet. This bracelet has light material, available in many colours and young-like style. Even though it is a young-like style, people from all age are suitable to wear this bracelet. This type of bracelet is available in various size and colour. You can also customize your own bracelet. Usually, this bracelet is also useful for fund raising, souvenir at events, or supporting your basketball or any sports team. Rubber bracelet has become popular since late 1970’s as a punk rock anti-fashion. It was a black-blocked colour rubber bracelet. The punksters use rubber as the material of bracelet because rubber has no value compare to gold or silver. The popularity of this bracelet was increasing as it was worn by many celebrities such as Cindy Lauper and Madonna, on their video clips or concerts. At this time, people called it as Jelly bracelet. It was thin, full of colour, and sometimes with glitter spreaded on the bracelet. The trend at this time was wearing many bracelets with different colours at one time. Around 1990’s, many people use rubber bracelet everywhere. Because of the famous of this jelly bracelet, there were many companies created this kind of bracelet printed with kinds of writings or messages. Sometimes, the companies wrote their commercial messages in the bracelet. This jelly bracelet is also famous because the NBA players wear this bracelet every time they play basketball. So, people who likes playing or just watching basketball will absolutely wear this bracelet.

Recently, you can find rubber bracelet easily. At first, you can only find this bracelet in the sport store but now you can find store that specialized in making this bracelet. The stores that sold this kind of bracelet are spreaded around the world. In Singapore, you can find a brand named Wristbands. You can even customize the bracelets. You are able to choose the designs, size, and colour of the bracelet. This bracelet company also allows the customer to do the online shopping. So, if you do not have much time to go out, you can go to their website and customize your bracelet online. Before you start to custom your bracelet, you need to know that there are various styles of this bracelet. The company itself has bracelet with 1 inch band, debussed and colour filled, colour printing, embossed and colour filled. The 1 inch band bracelet is the new product of Wristbands. The bracelet is bigger than the usual one. The debussed and embossed bracelet has different meaning. Debussed bracelet means the writing or message sunk into the bracelet while embossed bracelet means the writing or message stands out like name printed in the credit card. Do not get confuse of these various styles because the result will be fantastic.

Are you ready to make rubber bracelet? Go customize your bracelet. You can write anything in your bracelet such as initial names, motto, symbol, and many more. If you buy the bracelet in Wristbands, you can also customize the colours for your bracelet and the writings. You are able to mix-and-match the colour and make the rubber bracelet looks really eye-catching.

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