Where To Buy Beaded Necklaces in Singapore?

Singapore is a great city, when it comes to shopping and sightseeing all the same. The huge city has different ethnic quarters, with each one selling fantastic authentic goods, which also include jewellery. When it comes to jewellery shopping, Singapore is really the place where you can get to find all sorts of unique items, which also include beaded necklace creations. Let us explore where you can get to find some of the most beautiful beaded necklace and other sorts of beaded jewellery.

Beading has always been a classic method of jewellery making. The sorts of jewellery which we get to see includes beaded necklaces and beaded bracelets the most likely. Beaded necklace creations look sophisticated and they are the most commonly used in pearl necklaces. Beaded pearl necklaces are so classy that these are the ones we can most likely get to see the most in fake forms, from children’s toys to „original” fakes the selling of which is of course highly prohibited and sanctioned, yet cannot easily be stopped. Of course, beaded necklace and jewellery goes much further than pearls. We can get to see beautiful beaded semi gemstone jewellery, made out of amber for example, yet the usage of other beautiful stones is also common.

There are several sorts of beading techniques used today in the world of jewellery, many targeting to stop pearls or stones from falling off the necklace, in case it breaks away. There are techniques to fix each stone to the holding necklace in order to not let the jewellery to fall into pieces. We can also recognize forms of semi-beaded jewellery, when certain jewellery contains stones or pearls but those are situated further from each other, with spaces left in between them, where the original material of the necklace gets revealed.

Let us see which Singapore jewellers offer the most beautiful beaded necklace creations and where we can get to find a wide variety of beaded jewellery in the city.

Goldheart: This authentic Singapore brand offers a nice variety of pearl and beaded pearl necklace creations in its Perolé collection. Goldheart can be found in most downtown shopping malls of Singapore.

Larry Jewellery: Being the award winner for its South Sea Pearl jewellery, this brand has highly exclusive pearl jewellery on offer, which also includes beaded and semi-beaded pearl jewellery. Larry has several stores in Singapore’s shopping malls.

Chow Tai Fook: This exclusive Hong Kong brand offers a great variety of elite jewellery and its South Sea pearl collection is especially beautiful. Find the brand in Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall.

Joyalukkas: This brand needs no introduction for Middle Eastern and Indians as it is among the most popular jewellery in both regions. The brand’s Singapore showroom offers great beaded necklace collection made by Masaaki Pearls. Find Joyalukkas in Little India, along Sergangoon Road.

HJ Watch and Jewellery: This is one very special store in Singapore, which is concentrating on the selling of high profile second hand jewellery. Their profile of used jewellery is extremely huge and always changing. If you want a unique piece of jewellery, you should visit HJ located in Far East Plaza. Alternatively, you can buy jewellery from HJ’s own website too.

Among the high profile brands, we can offer you the beaded necklace collections of Cartier and Chaumet, which offer some of the most beautiful beaded pearl necklace creations for the highest price.

Places where you should look for high profile beaded pearl jewellery include ION Orchard, Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Takashiyama Japanese shopping mall, where you can count on getting high quality pearl necklace. Do not hesitate to come to Singapore, for a highly enjoyable shopping, sightseeing and cultural experimenting session.

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