Where To Buy Costume Jewellery in Singapore

Wearing jewellery has been an ancient tradition for human being. Since a long time ago, human tends to have willingness to appear beautiful and “different”. Jewellery is a way to grant that wish. Beautiful stones started to be gathered and assembled to create beautiful ornaments. Shiny metals were cultivated to decorate human’s body. From that tradition, the “jewellery” is born to enhance human’s aesthetic value in front of their sesame. In this modern day, there are basically two major classifications for jewellery. The first is the fine jewellery and the second is costume jewellery. Fine jewellery is the collection of jewellery made by big companies, using the best selected materials and decorators, such as gemstones. The prices of fine jewellery are particularly high and it is difficult for people from low economic status to attain the piece. Therefore, the fine jewellery symbolizes wealth and pride of the owner and even some bourgeoisies use jewellery as the measurement for fashion taste and power.

Costume jewellery or is also commonly known as fashion jewellery, is far cheaper than fine jewellery. Many people define it as a low priced jewellery of disposable accessories which is only meant to be used with specific clothing. Yet, actually it has more and deeper value than that. Fashion jewellery grows from a just-a-cheap commodity entity to a work of art. It has solid business and industry for the production and distribution of the product. With lower range of pricing, the customers who are able to afford the jewellery have more numbers than the fine jewellery customers. Therefore the quantities of costume jewellery are greater than fine jewellery. In addition, since the production cost is low, the manufacturers can produce more various products for people who love different designs of jewellery.

The other clear nice thing about costume or fashion jewellery is that the price is not as expensive as fine jewellery. Although it needs extra care to keep the performance of the jewellery in the prime condition, owning fashion jewellery brings different kind of satisfaction and pride. Some tips to preserve the condition of the jewellery is by cleaning it regularly, keeping it away from substances or chemicals which can cause discoloration because of unexpected chemical reaction with the jewellery, and keeping the jewellery in a proper place which is air-proof. With proper treatment, custom or fashion jewellery will last more than it is expected.

Costume jewellery is generally made of materials such as sterling silver, alpaca silver, brass with silver or gold plat, some types of crystal, semi precious color stones, and glasses. The combinations of those materials with cultivated leather, plastic, wood, and colorful beads are also possible to make the collections are even more attractive to the customers. The artists of this kind of jewellery usually have inherited skills since the tradition of wearing costume jewellery has existed for a long time. From the era of ancient Egypt to the glory of Chinese civilization, fashion jewellery always exists as part of the people’s culture. In Indian culture, even nowadays, fashion jewellery is part of important ceremonies such as wedding. The bride will wear shiny sterling jewellery to make her attractive and distinctive.

Singapore is the heaven of fashion jewellery. The most exciting venue to hunt the product is the Orchard Road. Along the road, there are some popular brands of costume and imitation jewellery such as Colour Zone, Clothes Matter, O2 Zarium, A La Mode Ave, Aye Workshop, Ag Accessories, Avana Fashion, and A & P Costum Tailors. Other than those names, there are Beads Workshop, Anncerise, Aljunied Brothers, News Accessories, Froulette, Corinne, and Mackae Fashion which are spread all around Singapore.

Other than those exclusive brands of fashion jewellery, there are also some boutiques and costume jewellery stores inside Singapore shopping malls. Takayashima Shopping Malls, Vivo City, ION Orchard, Marina Square, Paragon, and Knightsbride Shopping Malls are the examples of venues with some fashion ijewellery retails. To get the best jewellery, set the budget that you want to spend. Determine the venue that you want to visit. Browse also the reliability of the brands that you may choose. If it is a gift for a special person; wrap it perfectly and give it nicely. That way, costume jewellery will become more than just a cheap price.

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