Wild Wild Wet Theme Park

Everyone loves to have fun with friends and family. Watching movies, going to the City Park or mall, or having some nice meals with family can be said as fun, but it will be more fun to spend the times in a water park. Having fun in a water park can be the best option to feel relax and fun with people we love. Children will undoubtedly prefer to go to a water park rather than to an ordinary swimming pool. Singapore, as a tropical country with the temperature that always warm and sometimes hot, not only known because its buildings, Orchard Street, or Universal Studio, but also known because its water park. It has a best place to escape from the heat. Wild Wild Wet is the perfect place for it. “Here’s a better Way To Get Wet!” its slogan shows the fact.

This park is Singapore’s largest water theme park at Downtown East, NTUC Club. On 2004, this water park got World Water Park Innovation Award because its creativity and technology. On 2012 it became the Best Overall Water Theme Park by TimeOut Singapore because its strict rules and regulations of ‘Safety first, fun last’ that includes well-trained lifeguard on duty at all times to ensure the safety of customers. Wild Wild Wet accommodates the guest with 8 main attractions in the park such as Ular Lah, The Waterworks, Professor’s Playground, Yippee, Shiok River, Slide Up, Tsunami, and Jacuzzi. For the thrill seekers, Ular Lah is the right attraction. It is considered as the most exhilarating ride in this water park which is built especially for the brave ones. In order to slide in this ride, you have to use a kind of raft and pass over an imitation of waterfall. This ride can be played by 6 people at once. Ular Lah is the first ever Flume ride available in South East Asia. For adrenaline junkies, you may try Slide Up. It is a cool way to indulge your need for speed. For toddlers and children, Professor’s Playground and Yippee are the ideal attractions. The water playground with ladders, slides, and fountains can be found in those attractions.

Visitors don’t need to worry to get hungry after swimming and playing. Starhill Café serves Singapore Local Delights for the visitors. There are also more than 40 foods and beverages outlets at Downtown East to fulfill their appetites. You will get the wild and wet experience at the same time in Wild Wild Wet, Singapore. You may also celebrate special day in here. This water park provides a designated area and it has specialized team who will attend to your queries and customize packages for those who want to celebrate birthday or for company events.

Wild Wild Wet’s operating hours from Monday, Wednesday – Friday is 1pm – 7pm. Saturday, Sunday, Gazetted School and Public Holidays is 10am – 7pm. The entrance tickets are only $19 for adult, $ 14 for child and $60 for family. There are lockers available to rent only $1 – $3 to keep the bags and private things. Floats, tubes, and life jackets are available for free. There is also facility baby water carrier for free to parents to introduce their babies to water and enjoy the valuable time with them.

Wild Wild Wet is among the biggest water theme parks of Singapore that first opened in 2004. The water theme parks biggest specialty is the Ular Lah, the highest water-rafting slide in Asia. Other than this, there are several water based attractions are waiting for families and for children of all ages.

It only takes 10 minutes from Changi Airport and it can be your last stop for foreigners before heading back to home country. Wild Wild Wet can be reached by MRT and Public Bus. Just take bus services (3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354, and 358) at Pasir Ris Bus Interchange. They will take you that wild place. If you want to go by using MRT, just alight at Pasir Ris MRT Station, EW1, then you can reach to the park by taking the Shuttle Service which is available from Pasir Ris MRT Station, or just 10 minutes walk from the MRT station. Not only the water park, but also shopping, arcades, and many others integrated facility that try to satisfy to everyone. Various types of entertainment features are being provided in NTUC Downtown East for the visitors. Wild Wild Wet is a water park located inside NTUC Downtown East, Pasir Ris in Singapore. The park has a 3-storey high raft water slide that is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. We can make two basic groups of the attractions of the water park: the thrill rides are for children below a certain age and height and for brave adults. The family attractions are suitable for just everyone from toddlers to elderly guests. Let us see now what this great water theme park has to offer for us:

Thrill rides of Wild Wild Wet
* Ular-Lah: This is the very first raft slide of Southeast Asia with rafts for a maximum of six people inside. The length of the slide is 80, 5 meters and it is a kind of free fall on the mountain river-like water.

* Slide Up: This is 4-storey ramp with quite an intense ride. One boat can accommodate maximum two people. It is not for the faint hearted.

* The Waterworks: this is a pair of water slides, where you slide down in the Pretzel position like a bullet. With several curves and twists, the ride ends in the pool.

Family attractions of Wild Wild Wet
* Shiok River: this is a river-like extra long pool with its 345 metres and it is located on the rim of the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. In this jolly type of attraction, either you can swim or float on a boat, there are some currents too, taking you forward. There are islets for having a rest too.

* Tsunami: this is a heavy wave pool where the waves appear in every quarter right after the bell rings. Wave period lasts for about 10 minutes. Swimmers can decide whether to float with the waves or wait till they stop

* Professor’s Playground: This is a very smart water-playing area, which looks like a laboratory with each equipments giving children chance to play. There are also several bigger and smaller slides, fountains and even water cannons to surprise the guests. A basket tips water for the visitors in every 10 minutes in a funny way that walk by but there is also a bell for those who would like this shower.

* Yippee: This is the area designed for the smallest generation to enjoy some splashing time with their families. This is a cute area, the best way to introduce water to your siblings.

* Jacuzzi: Feel cosy and relaxed in a Jacuzzi if all the adrenaline buzzer attractions of Wild Wild Wet Water Park tire you.

Within the Wild Wild Wet water park, you can find a Subway fast food restaurant and a Café too. Although Wild Wild Wet used to work with FunKey to which holders could upload money, then spend it the way they wanted, due to several problems this has now ended so you may use money, credit or bankcard for payments. The Wild Wild Wet is open on weekdays, with the exception of Tuesdays from 1 pm to 7 pm and during the weekends and public or school holidays its open from 10 am until 7 pm. Just bring along extra clothes, sunscreen, towel, personal toiletries & sunglasses, or everything you need to get wet and wild in Wild Wild Wet, Singapore.

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