Women’s Favorite Bracelets in Singapore

For has been so many years, bracelet is considered as one accessory that can flatter woman’s identity. Almost every culture in the world has their own unique bracelet which is used to beautify the hands of the wearer. And since the beginning, this accessory is identical with women as the wearer. The traditional bracelet is known by the design or the stones, say for the example is the Evil Eye stone of Turkey or the jade stone of Chinese. These identical traditional stones make everyone who sees it knows where the accessories come from.

Besides the traditional models, nowadays women are attracted strongly to women bracelets which have so many designs. The bracelet can be made of gold, white gold, silver, and even rubber, while the additional decoration consist of pearl, diamond, natural stones, and even letters. The price of the women bracelet will, of course, depend on the materials it is made of and the decoration of the bracelet. However, when a woman loves a certain bracelet or a bracelet of a certain brand, she might think to die for that bracelet.

Dying for a bracelet does not sound too hyperbole since some brands only produce limited bracelet of a certain design as their collection. Also, some traditional bracelets of a country or a culture are only sold inside that country or that culture area themselves, so it is impossible to find it anywhere else. No wonder when a bracelet-lover is going to a certain country and finds a unique traditional bracelet, she will die for it, isn’t it?

There are many kinds of bracelet, but four the most famous kinds will be explained here. The first one is the charm bracelet. This bracelet is mostly famous among teenagers and young adults. Charm bracelet is unique because there are many kinds of shapes hang on the main string of the bracelet. Usually, the hanging decoration depends on the theme of the bracelet, for example if the theme is children, the decorations can be in the shapes of lollipop and children toys. Just like the name, “charm” bracelet means that the bracelet has some decorations which can be function as the charm of the wearer. However, the Italian charm bracelet is quite different from the common ones. This bracelet’s charms do not hang on the main string. This bracelet looks like many small squares attached to one another, while the charms are attached around the body of the bracelet.

Next woman bracelet is the beaded ones. This kind of bracelet is available everywhere, but with different kinds of beads and designs, from the simple one string to the complicated ones. Beaded bracelet also has the unique design which comes from India which uses twisted wire. The wire is used to change the string made of thread or rubber. This India twisted bracelet is attractive because it makes the wrist so beautiful since it consists of colorful beads.

The third most favorite bracelet is bangles. Bangles is the bracelet which is made of wood and it looks so thick on the wrist. The wood is usually in one color and it is decorated with colorful engrave. The modern bangles are already available in many kinds of design, such as from the metal or plastic or glass. The last kind is the one that is quite difficult to find but it is very luxurious. The leather bracelet is used fit to the exact measurement of the wrist and it is fastened with a snap button. This kind of bracelet, although looks macho, can also be beautified with the braided or colorful designs.

As a city which has some cultures, Singapore also has some kinds of bracelet, therefore no wonder if there are so many bracelet shops in Singapore. For those who want to buy either the universal bracelet or the traditional one, visit Richard Hung at 304 Orchard Roadin Lucky Plaza or Lush Crystal Jewelry at 246 Macpherson Road in Betime Building for the fine bracelets. Besides the universal kinds of bracelet, Singapore also has its own fashion label which is A.K.A Wayward. This brand produces a limited edition of STACK bracelet which enables the wearer to wear as many bracelet as she wants. This bracelet can be found at Threadbare & Squirrel at Bridge Road (Bali Lane), Actually at Seah Street, Cumulus at Wheelock Place, and WanderWonder at Haji Lane.

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