ZoneX Singapore

ZoneX is a Singaporean computer and other virtual, semi- or non-virtual games provider having currently nine ZoneX game zones all around the city. As in most Asian cities, young people also in Singapore are crazy for all sorts of computer, virtual or non-virtual games. ZoneX puts high emphasis to get always the newest fantastic games, which mainly come from Japan.

Hereby we will tell you about the games delivered by ZoneX Game zones and their specialties. We will also let you know where to find ZoneX game zones within the city. The ZoneX Company delivers all sorts of computer games and other virtual or non-virtual games, especially those being trendy in Japan, such as the Japanese Photo sticker machine, which has been hot in the Island country over the last twenty years. The machine makes a photo of you; you can choose your background and theme for your photo. In Japan, several friends use Photo sticker machine for making fun photos with each other. Amusement games include all sorts of computer games, in 2D or even 3D. Amusement games also include virtual games. Apart from the computerised section in the ZoneX game zones, you can also play American pool in the Funky Balls section of ZoneX game zones or you can try the new Japanese pool called Billibow and brings an entirely different aspect into the world of pool with combining pool and bowling in a rather tricky way. X.Scoop machines are the classical toy catcher machines that also keep the children entertained, yet they have their dangers if the scoop cannot catch the favoured animal.

ZoneX of course has to cooperate with the legal authorities, which take care of the limiting of all sorts of videogames, which might give reasons for addiction by excessive playing. Therefore, what you see in Singapore is just the top of the iceberg. You have to know that in Singapore, all sorts of gambling are strictly forbidden and one can get many years in prison for even trying it. As computer games stand the closest to gambling (think of the gambling machines) their import is continuously checked out and limited to the accepted items.

Therefore, ZoneX had to cope with these yet they do it very well. The current ZoneX game zones can be found in the Orchard Link and on the Orchard Road, in the Eastpoint Mall’s Simei street, in the E!Hub Downtown East and in the Jurong Point Shopping Centre. Operating hours averagely start from 10.00 am and they are open to 1.00 am the latest. Several ZoneX facilities close already at 11.00 pm.

If you are fan of pool and videogames then check out the Zone X being the closest to you or in the very downtown of Singapore. Of course, Singapore is aware of the dangers of playing especially for children and youngsters so there are very strict requirements on who can play and on what. To get to know more on the rules of ZoneX game zones visit their website.

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