Activities and Adventure in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic offers a lot of activities that tourists can participate in. All year long visitors can indulge in souvenir shopping, gambling, swimming, hiking, water sports, and recreational activities in national parks, culture enriching and tasting the different local cuisines.

Outdoor types of activities like snorkeling, golf, windsurfing, baseball, kite boarding, surfing, scuba diving, boating and yachting are just a few thrilling activities that are rampant in the Dominican Republic. In a country with over 25 national parks other nature friendly activities such as bird watching and hiking are also popular. An indoor type activity involves gathering cultural and artistic knowledge in visiting museums, libraries and watching cultural shows. Others like gambling and shopping can also be an option as well.

Water sports activities are best done in places like Puerto Plata, Cabrera, La Caleta, Barahona, Catalina and Saona islands, Punta Rucia and Las Terrenas. Where scuba diving, snorkeling and reef diving are best done because these places offers some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and is clearly seen through its crystal clear waters. Beautiful beach with long stretches of white sands surrounds these areas as well. Boating trips and cave exploration is also a popular activity especially in the Gri Gri Lagoon where caves abounds surrounded by unique and one of kind rock formations.

Adventure sports like whitewater rafting are widely practiced in places like Rio Yaque del Norte in the region of Jarabacao where the rapids provide instant excitement for rafting fanatics. Cascading, a sport that involves climbing a high waterfall and rappelling down is also done in Cascada del Limon, El Salto de Baiguate and Cascada Ojo de Agua where there are an abundance of high waterfalls.

Hiking and trekking activities are popular in the areas of Jarabacoa, Nuevo Valley and the Constanza Valley, some of the mountainous region in the Dominican Republic. Hiking enthusiast can hire locals as guide in making a climb in some of the Caribbean regions highest peaks. The Pico Duarte which stands at about 10,700 feet is a popular destination along with Mount Isabel de Torres, El Magote, Pico Yaque and the romantic Sierra de Bahoruco.

Horse riding activities meanwhile is also a popular tourist activity, being a country blessed with scenic views, horseback riding in the Dominican Republic is another source of a wonderful experience. Sierra Prietta and Casa de Campo provide the best places to go horseback riding.

GolfAnd no vacation is complete without a game of Golf, need not worry as the Dominican Republic has a lot of world class golf courses situated all over the country. Almost every city has their own golf courses and many hotels have an adjacent golf course that can offer guests an opportunity to play the world’s greatest luxury sports. Another activity that a visitor to the Dominican Republic is watching live baseball games, baseball being the popular sport in the country offers some of the world’s best baseball players play in front of the home crowd, a truly wonderful experience knowing that the country has already produced some Major League players in the United States.

These are just some of the activities that a visitor to Dominican Republic can do; it is guaranteed that a thousand more awaits every visitor to this beautiful and very interesting country.

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