Top Casinos in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country occupying two-thirds of the Hispaniola Island. It enjoys a continuous stream of tourists throughout the year because of its many tourist destination. The casino and gaming industry of the country can be said to contribute to the influx of visitors to the Dominican Republic.

Casinos in the country offer complete and unadulterated fun, entertainment and high stakes thrill. Gamers will find everything that they can see in a Las Vegas casino, table games such as Blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and baccarat to the glitzy and noisy slot machines. There are also bingo parlors , cockfighting, horse-racing and the regular weekly lottery.

The capital of Santo Domingo alone boasts of 20 hotels that feature a casino. There are also casinos all around the north, east and south coasts of the country. A few of the casinos and their features are listed below.

Barcelo Gran Hotel Lina and Casino
Barcelo is one of the most famous gambling casinos in the Dominican Republic and is reputed to have the best ambience in the city. The casino features 45 gaming machines and 15 table games.

Occidental El Embajador Hotel and Casino
This hotel and casino boasts of 289 guest rooms and suites which includes the Club Embajador and Club Miguel Angel that comes with a private saloon, 2 meeting rooms, secretarial services and can be occupied by up to 10 people. The casino, which holds a hundred gaming machines and 10 table games, are state of the art.

Ocean World Casino
A wonderful new casino located in the middle of a huge yacht club. The casino features 120 gaming machines and 14 table games as well as other gaming opportunities such as poker tournaments. One can also find top-notch entertainment at the Bravissimo which is a dance show a la Las Vegas with a tropical flair.

Renaissance Jaragua Hotel and Casino
This hotel and casino gives traditional service to its clientele and its 300 guest rooms offer accommodations, Carribean-style.

It houses 50 gaming machines and 20 table games while treating you to an exquisite dining experience in its several restaurants.

Occidental Flamenco Beach Resort Casino
Located in the north of the Dominican Republic, this hotel and casino offers stunning views of calm, blue waters, fine sand and breathtaking landscapes. It features 120 gaming machines and 14 table games as well as 582 rooms including 42 suites, offering the tourist a truly Carribean experience.

Casino Diamante – Melia Santo Domingo Hotel
This casino hotel holds about 50 gaming machines and some 20 table games. It offers more than 245 lavishly decorated rooms including 20 suites that look present amazing views or the Carribean Sea.

Hispaniola Hotel and Casino
Located in the capital Santo Domingo, this casino and hotel offers 165 rooms that open up to views of the Carribean Sea or the city lights. It is one of the more famous hotels in the city as it is less expensive than its neighbor hotels. It houses 150 gaming machines and 37 table games including the Carribean Stud Poker and Baccarat to name a few.

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