One of the Greatest Beach Paradises

One of the greatest beach paradises in the world. Since it is located in the Caribbean, 800-mile coastline of Dominican Republic is a home for several magnificent beaches. The tropical weather of the island compliments the sparkling waters and fine sands of this tourist destination. The pristine beaches of Dominican Republic made the island as one of the top tourist destinations with a booming tourism industry. Although there are a lot of excellent beaches in Dominican Republic, there are still places that surely stand above the rest. The popular beaches in Dominican Republic are not only notorious in the island but in the whole world as well.

Puerto Plata is one of the main attractions of the Dominican Republic. This is the first beach destination that tourists would go to. It is a popular place for many water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and more. This stunning place in Dominican Republic is a habitat for turquoise blue water and white sands. The marine life and coral reefs are vivacious. But even though many tourists rush in the town of Puerto Plata for a summer holiday, the prices do not increase during its peak season. There are still several accommodations that would perfectly fit for your budget.

Aside from Puerto Plata, Cabarete is also a prime beach destination in Dominican Republic. It is located in the northern part of the island. Cabarete is known as the windsurfing center of Dominican Republic. Steady wind and fantastic wave makes tourism in Cabarete flourishing. Every sixth month of the year, Cabarete becomes a host for the annual windsurfing competition. The coastline of Cabarete reaches up to two miles and twenty-five minutes from there, one may arrive at Puerto Plata. Cabarete is also a place where Dominican Republic nourishes its coral reefs.

Punta Cana is a place in Dominican Republic where the beach is magnificent and the nightlife is thriving. While the sun is hot, most tourists and locals are seen bathing their bodies in the sun or frolicking in the warm waters of Punta Cana. Some are also exploring the area as they buy souvenirs from the little stores of Punta Cana. By night, Punta Cana reveals a different façade. The bars and restaurants are filled with many locals and tourists wanting to experience the nightlife in Dominican Republic. The beaches are transformed into a lively place where outdoor music performances are sometimes held.

Santo Domingo and its nearby areas is the place to be if you want a calm and shallow beach. Located in Santo Domingo are two beaches where most families go. The beaches are Boca Chica and Juan Dolia. Boca Chica is near to the capital of Santo Domingo. Adults and kids may enjoy swimming in the waters of this beach since the waves are not as huge as the waves in the other beaches of Dominican Republic. On the other hand, Juan Dolia is quite far from the main city of Santo Domingo. But tourists would wait for the 50-minute ride to get to Juan Dolia just to experience snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing in its wonderful beach.

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