Must Visit Attraction in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers a lot of tourist attractions that until now mesmerizes visitors upon arriving in this scenic island nation. Here are some attractions guides to show new travelers about some interesting places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic and it is also the largest and in this place a lot of attractions are situated. This city has a thriving and lively port, restaurants that offer the best Dominican cuisine, Cultural Plaza, Museums, Parks, Casinos and world rated hotels. The National Theater is also located in this city such as the Gallery or Modern Art as well. Any tourists who may want to immerse themselves in the culture of the people of the Dominican Republic this city is a good place to start. A few miles away from this city lies a splendid cave complex called the Los Tres Ojos De Agua or “Three Eyes of Water” has a three unique lagoons seen on three varying levels with each one surrounded by lush tropical greens and an underground crystal clear river.

On the Southern Coast of the Dominican Republic lies San Cristobal, a historic city where the first draft of the nation’s constitution was signed way back in 1844. Travelers interested in history of the Dominican Republic may find this place a haven for such interests. The historical site along the city gives tourists a lot of new found knowledge. Festivities around the caves and church of Santa Maria attract a lot of visitors annually. In La Romana, a 7,000 acre wide resort called as Casa De Campo offers travelers a paradise location as well as the Altos de Chavon, a Mediterranean inspired villa that expresses the rich art and culture of the country, located on the majestic cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this place is widely considered as among the most scenic places in the Dominican Republic.

Other places of attractions located in this region are the Manati theme Park, Cabritos Island, the Azua de Compostela and the colonial city of the stunning Pueblo Viejo which offers ancient ruins and historical structures.

On the Northern coast which is otherwise known as the Amber Coast because it is the place where a lot of the most beautiful kinds of amber in the whole planet is found here. Also the Puerto Plata offers some of the very best beaches in the world with its colonial style of architecture it boasts as among the leading honeymoon destination in the world. The Mount Isabel de Torres is a majestic location at 2,500 feet above sea level and offers a breathtaking and magnificent view of the large part of the Atlantic Ocean. Adjacent is the resort town of Playa Dorada, another tourist haven with beautiful beaches and lively nightlife.

The Samana Peninsula which lies on the northern most part of the island, offers some of the best blue waters, long stretches of white sand beaches, caves, lush forests all conspire to provide you a romantic tourist paradise.

These are just some of the attractions in the Dominican Republic a lot more awaits visitors as this country offers a lot and cannot be enumerated easily with many more cities and towns depicting a paradise like setting.

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