Adventureland Sharjah

UAE has progressed enormously over the last three decades with the additions of huge buildings that shows expertise in architecture, lavishing malls as well as the perfect places for recreational activities. Thrilling water slides with high tech games interfaces; one can explore many interesting outlets in the country popular in the whole Middle East. As Dubai intends to entertain with the huge water slides Adventureland in Sharjah is regarded as the perfect outlet for a family day out for entertainment and fun.

Adventureland in Sharjah is known for a complete family package strives in delivering the quality fun and entertainment to families. The whole place is filled with extraordinary activities ranging from video games to the real thrilling rides. The whole park follows the vibrant colours theme that creates a fun environment suitable for all age groups for its variety of activities. The attractive rides and comfortable ambiance of Adventureland has ensured to witness record visitors each day especially over the weekends.

One the major attractive rides of Adventureland is the airport flights that are magnificent experience for kids in all the way up and down. Convoy and Wackey racers are the ultimate exciting racing rides for kids to enjoy at the maximum level. Jumping star is a fun drop suitable for kids to let them experience the ultimate fun. The softer play place of kids castle is consists of four interesting levels. The roller coaster of quantum leap is an absolute thrill ride in terms of its maximum speed. Tidal wave is another revolutionary ride at Adventureland that gives the perfect rotation. Asteroids, log jam and cliff hanger are some of the other major attractions related to the perfect thrill rides.

Other rides at Adventureland are designed to entertain the whole family at the same time. Adventure train is a fun ride that will provide the maximum thrill while the whole family is travelling through the perfect journey. Demolition derby is a fun derby ride to experience smashing and colliding cars, the multi-seated car will help in moving along with whole family. The barnstormer is an edutainment ride, as it will let the children explore major places of the world. Apart from these major rides, there are numerous other activities at Adventureland that offer a spectacular time in the park premises that includes bowling and other recreational stuff.

The park timings are considered to be the most flexible in town as it starts at 10:00 and ends up with the entire thrill leading to late nights. Over the weekend, the timings are ensured to be more prolonged due to the more number of visitors. Adventureland is also known for holding many corporate events and deals with family as well as other public events. For ticketing and other facilities there are other exciting packages suitable for school trips as well as family visits. The park gradually updates the exciting events for families with the specific theme in order to provide maximum entertainment.

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