Iceland Water Park

Theme parks are famous all around the world. Some parks are even helping nations in making their mark internationally. Disney Park as well as other theme parks serves all age groups and take long hours for the exploration. The high tech rides are of keen interest to every age group, yet the water slides are still famous due to the imitation of real water activities at sea. Iceland Water Park is one such park that promises to give the full thrilling experience of swimming and diving.

Iceland Water Park has all the thrilling fun that a park could offer. A huge amount of water is released every minute to make the working of the rides possible. The whole park is inspired by the arctic theme that has artificial snow covered mountains with penguin dummies all over the place. The huge as well as small slides give the extraordinary water slide experience than ever. Iceland Water Park is located at the few miles drive from Dubai and gives you immense attractions with excellent restaurants and amazing packages. The park has numerous rides for people belonging to all age group.

The most famous ride of the Iceland RAK is penguin fall. The huge water slide running from the large artificial mountains is all covered with snow and makes you feel freezing with its outlook. The mighty mountains gives the exact image of Snow Mountains and one keeps on praising the maker of it. The plunge point for diving attracts you every time you stand there. The mount fury at Iceland Water Park gives all the fun of rides in twisted and fastest slides. The snow-covered way to the top of mount fury is an exact depiction of regions with below freezing point.

The penguin bay at Iceland Water Park is a huge platform of pools and disco fun. The slow water serves for those who really want to enjoy the wet look of the water. The hopping and rocking music gives you a never-ending fun for a long time. The fun bucket and disco are the two spectacular spots at penguin bay. The arctic waves at the Iceland Water Park are creating the artificial waves that give the look of the slow tides of arctic region. The swimming experience with the tides is no doubt a fun packed time. The great tornado at the Iceland Water Park is a covered slide with all the twists that a cyclone has.

Iceland Water Park has a full package of adventure with its amazing rides as well as a perfect food experience with the gourmet style restaurants. The gift shop and some other stores make you refresh the shopping memories of Dubai. The rides at the park are meant for every age group as well as every person as the rides are categorized with skilled swimmers to the beginners. The personnel of the park makes you feel secure by explaining all the necessary details of the rides. So get a map from the park website and explore its ultimate fun.

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