The Amazing Iceland Theme Park in RAK

Water theme park in RAK has many challenging rides. Due to the easy accessibility of the water and the latest high tech rides are combined to give the unforgettable experience of joy and fun. Ras al-Khaimah is known to have one of the world’s largest water theme park, known as Iceland and is famous for its wonderful journey of rides and extraordinary adventure at the longest water slide of the world. The park follows the arctic theme that displays the spectacular work of displaying artificial penguins and other features of the snow-filled region.

Each ride of the Iceland is as much challenging as the previous. The scuba diving gives the ultimate diving experience compatible to the real sea experience. The arctic wave pool reminds the full beauty of the snow region with high snow mountains and perfect sculptures of penguins. The huge penguin waterfall is known as the longest water slide and gives the unforgettable time of adventure. Iceland RAK is also known for the unique fun of dancing at the penguin bay where you hit the floor with the showering rain accompanied by the heavy beats and gives a true impression of a dancing club enjoyed in water. Snow River, mount tempest, snow village and many more rides takes away the heat of desert and let you enjoy the snow under extremely hot sun.

Restaurants at Iceland RAK are known for providing the tempting food with remarkable interior as well as outdoor décor. The food village serves the fresh and traditional dishes as well as the fast food. The outlook of the restaurant makes your mouth watery with its remarkable designing. Snow castle at the side of Arabian Sea has the luxurious seating to enjoy with the amazing view of the sea. The castle shaped restaurant provides the huge variety of food for the maximum opportunities in selection. The interior royal décor will provide complete luxury in its seating. The platter restaurant at Iceland RAK has given the traditional platter touch to the food served and has followed the traditional food of Arabia.

The modern theme park of Iceland has set the specific rules and regulations for the security of its visitors. Each condition of the rides is attached in written format with the slide and makes the immediate responsibility of the rider to understand the true limitations. The park is also known for its exciting packages and special deal cards. Apart from the special packages, the routine ticket will cost you once at the gate and then you are free to access any ride in Iceland RAK.

Iceland RAK is a full fun package for any visitor who is planning a trip. Luxurious hotels can be easily accessible in order to plan a long trip. To enjoy all the rides with maximum fun, download the park map from official website and explore the maximum in specific time. Although there is a complete section for kids play, yet they have to be under a supervision of an elder.

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