Dreamland Aqua Park

Where Dubai provides the biggest platform for shopping there are other exciting features that are worth spending the holidays in Dubai, where there are many exciting activities near the Emirate. The huge variety of theme parks is known for their high tech rides and the best utilization of its resources in terms of theme parks. Such utilization of resources ultimately directs towards the water theme parks due to its location near Arabian Sea. Among these wonderful water theme parks, Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain is considered to be a fun filled water park with all the amazing water rides and entertaining activities.

The variety of games in Dreamland Aqua Park provides a complete package of entertainment to the family either sitting on the same ride with the kids or assists them in some of the most thrilling water rides. Each day a record number of visitors are reported and the park has the full capacity to accommodate them and serve with the best services. The water rides give the best time with perfect temperature under the heat sun and in the middle of the desert. Whether it is the multigame aqua play or the gigantic waves of the wave pool, fun in the water stands for the most amazing experience in Dreamland Aqua Park. The fantastic twists of the twister or the thrilling turns of twisting dragons, one cannot experience such water fun anywhere else.

To indulge into a complete theme related to water, Hippo Island in Dreamland Aqua Park could be the one place that has all the capacity to steal your hearts with fabulous range of rides and games. Enjoy the ultimate Dead Sea as well as fresh cocktails to keep the strength for the whole day. The slide 5 may seem as just a piece of cake for the adventure lovers but there are many interesting features waiting for you inside Dreamland Aqua Park.

Apart from all these fun activities in water, one can also enjoy the perfect charm at dry land. Video zone offers high interactive games while there are numerous courts available for real games such as basketball and tennis in Dreamland Aqua Park. One can also experience a magnificent shopping time with reasonable rates related to water items. Amphi theatre in park premises serves for many musical shows and public events. The theatre also has the facility to accommodate more than thousand people in a time. Dreamland Aqua Park has different timings for weekdays to weekends, yet there is enough time to plan a day trip.

With all the fun and entertainment, there is also a good source to keep the taste satisfied. From traditional Arabic food of Atlantis restaurant to the perfect Indian cuisine of Taj Mahal restaurant, each cuisine has the perfect ambiance that truly complements the food. Apart from complete meal, one can also enjoy delicious and light food at snack attack while shisha majlis stands for the perfect place to indulge into the traditional Arabian shisha magic. There is commendable arrangement for visitor security regarding the thrilling rides and rules are specifically described by the management. To explore the Dreamland Aqua Park at full glance download the map from its official site.

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