Aurora Jewellery

Established in the Orkney Island in 1997, Aurora jewellery participates in the jewellery industry and survive with its persistence and commitment. In Singapore, in which many jewellery brands are available sold in every corner of the city, the jewellery products from this brand decorate and make the display more festive. The greatness of the brand is started with the rich inspiration and heritage of wealth in the Orkney Island. The born of the company is surrounded by dramatic seas and landscapes which become the catalyst of the flourish of every collection by Aurora. At the first time, the concept of the company is based in a purpose-built workshop and showroom.

The strong foundation of the company makes the business grows larger with a strong base of uncompromising craftsmanship. The strong point of the collection by the brand is that it is all made by really experienced artisans using their own hand. The collections are handmade products, craved with traditional methods and tools. Therefore, every piece is distinctive, reflecting the quality of the craftsmanship and the high taste of the designers. It is beyond the conventional designs in the market of the international jewellery business.

The traditionalism preserved by Aurora covers all collection of the brand. Selective material election, detail design planning process, and careful craving process make your choice from the brand perfect. The materials which are usually used for production are only the best find gold and silver from reliable provider and mining. Skilled and the best gold and silversmiths dedicate themselves to make astonishing creations for the satisfaction of the jewellery lovers from all over the world. There is nothing can beat the power, the wisdom, and the cleverness of human being in creating artworks, not even a cold machine. Therefore, the brand believes that the 100% traditional process will do everything good for customers.

A machine will never be able to replicate the uniqueness of handmade jewellery and that is the company’s point; to create the highest standard of authentic and distinctive jewellery design and to proudly preserve the tradition of handmade jewellery making. Focusing on quality and innovation, elevating the commitment for good work ethics is the deep philosophy of the business which will never be forgotten. From a beautiful Scottish island, the inspiration of the nature has brought the brand to be an internationalized brand with a lot of fans, spread in all over the world, including Singapore.

Collections from Aurora consist of enchanting collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are available in so many choices of shapes, sizes, and designs. Meet the best collections of Daisy, Glide, Crest, Dewdrop, Snowdrop, Rosa, Fea, Mae, Heather, Lyradale, Runic, Bliss, Honesty, Folk Heart, Reay, Poise, Dollar, Rose, Denim, Ocean, Peedie, Hammer Heart, Orkney, and the other ethnical collections which reflect the charm of beautiful nature of Scottish. Each collection has its own unique character and design which suit specific occasion and purpose. No hesitation, because the products are made of only the greatest gold or silver that people can find from jewellery.

Getting the products from Aurora is not difficult, the website of the brand has supported online orders, as people now have changed their way of shopping into online shopping. The process is secure and confidential. With convenient choices of payment method, the customers can also pick their best way to pay and get the products shipped into their front door. Not only for personal collections, people can also choose a product for a surprise for their loved ones. All the collections from the company are dedicated for special person, and everybody is special for Aurora.

Other than online option, offline store in Singapore, particularly multiple-brand stores in Singapore which provide international products usually have Aurora in one of their corners. The first recommended option is the area of Orchard Road. Shopping malls and the stores available in the area will be more than enough to find any jewellery that you want and your need. As Singapore is a place of more than a shopping hotspot, unique and unforgettable shopping experience will be

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