Barahona is a province in the Dominican Republic located in the southern coast of the island. The capital of this province is the Santa Cruz de Barahona. Toussaint L’Overture was the half French – half Haitian General who founded the said area of Dominican Republic in 1802. Fascinated by the features and geographical location of Barahona, he thought it is the best place to have another port aside as an alternate to the busy port of Santo Domingo. The locals of Barahona are very warm and hospitable. They are one of the reasons why tourists enjoy their stay at this province. As of 2000, there are at least 200,000 inhabitants living in Barahona.

In this region is where the stunning beaches, several resorts and hotels lie. There are hotels that would fit your tight budget yet the service is still excellent. Luxurious hotels are also available. Most of these expensive hotels would welcome you with a glass filled with fresh fruit shakes adorned with big medium-sized local flowers or a hole-punched coconut inserted with a straw for that freshest and sweetest coconut juice you’ll ever taste. The beautiful beaches are commonly found along the costal highway of Barahona – Enriquillo. The popular beaches include the pebbled San Rafael and the Quemaito. Both have natural pools where the water comes directly from the mountain spring. Another wonderful beach in Barahona is the Paraiso which means paradise in English. The beach truly stands for its name because of its astounding crystalline bay and calm turquoise water. If you are looking for a white-sand beach, then you must visit Cabo Rojo. It is only a kilometer away from another amazing beach in Barahona called the Bahia de las Aguilas.

Ecotourism is also a common activity among locals and tourists here in Barahona. Nature lovers would be delighted to go to the Jaragua National Park. This park that has an area that extends more than 800 miles was named after an Indian chieftain who once lived in Barahona. There are also several beaches that are considered as the best in Caribbean. The small islands of Beata and Alto Velo are also located in this national park. Be charmed by the different species of birds that can be seen at the Oviedo Lagoon inside the Jaragua National Park.

Barahona boasts one of its main attractions which is the Enriquillo Lake. The said lake is the largest lake in the Caribbean. The area covered by the Enriquillo Lake extends up to 105 square miles. It also marks the lowest point in the Caribbean which is forty meter below the sea level. Enriquillo Lake is an enchanting sight but it is not quite hospitable for humans to swim in. It has a very high salt content which makes it look like a lifeless environment. However, the gigantic lake is a habitat for most iguanas, basking crocodiles of America and the pink flamingoes gracefully standing at the waters of the lake. The magnificence of Barahona is definitely second to none.

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