In the North Coast of Dominican Republic lies the nine divisions of the island which are all stunningly beautiful. One of these regions is Luperon. The region of Luperon is situated in a large bay. It is located 50 kilometers away from the western part of Puerto Plata. Aside from Puerto Plata, the neighboring areas of Luperon includes Confresi and Monte Cristi. Luperon is more of a port-town rather than a tourist destination. More or less, it has now twenty thousand inhabitants. Most of them get their daily income from the fishing industry of Luperon.

Luperon used to be a part of the Dominican Republic where most tourist are just passing by coming from Monte Cristi going to Puerto Plata. It was thought years ago that Luperon was just a laid-back town. A town that does not have a potential, like the other parts of the island of Dominican Republic, in the booming industry of tourism. But fortunately, several brilliant minds of architects and land developers have thought of improving not only the area but the lives of the locals of Luperon as well. With the emerging tourism industry, hotels were built and employees were needed. Although some still stick with the old way of living, new breed of Luperon inhabitants are now employed in the luxurious hotels, resorts and alike. Thus, making tourism industry a big influence in the growing economy of Luperon.

Most of the visitors in the area of Luperon usually comes from its neighboring regions such as Playa Doradaor Puerto Plata. These are the tourists who just wanted to explore more lands and beaches in Dominican Republic. Luperon, just like any other places in the Caribbean, is also abundant in clear waters which is commonly seen in turquoise blue color, white sand beaches with very fine texture and of course, the mangrove forests.

Although Luperon is a “late-bloomer” in the industry of tourism, many places in this region are now popular as a tourist destination for those who wanted to have an authentic Caribbean vacation. The marina of Luperon is one of its main attractions. The name of the famous marina in Luperon is called the Puerto Blanca Marina. It is situated in the outskirts of Luperon. Many sailors love to park their yatch here in Luperon. Out of all the harbors in the Dominican Republic, only Luperon is considered safe by many sea travelers. The waters in the bay Luperon are definitely very tranquil and is a great spot for having that much awaited fishing adventure in the Caribbean.

Aside from fishing, there a lot of activities that can be done in Luperon. This includes horseback riding, tennis games, archery, and more. These facilities are seen inside the premises of the luxurious hotels and resorts in Luperon. Some even have their own swimming pool so that the kids would safely enjoy the ambiance of the town of Luperon. There are also optional packages that can be requested in these hotels such as diving lessons and spa packages.

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