Beautiful Beaches of Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan is a popular place in the Dominican Republic; it is known as a fishing town but also renowned for its beautiful beaches and well maintained resorts that offer travelers a wonderful holiday experience. Located between Cabrera and Cabarete this farming and fishing town is situated about 100 kilometers east of Puerto Plata. Rio San Juan’s fisherman delivers the majority of the fishes supply in the whole region.

It has a very busy fishing port as well as fishing boats can be seen leaving and arriving from the end part of the Calle Sanchez and a very lively environment brought on by fish trades from the fish vendors or otherwise known as pescaderos. But aside from the robust fishing industry Rio San Juan offers and provides other attractions such as wonderful beaches and a handful of beautiful scenery not to mention a lively night life.

The Gri Gri Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destination in Rio San Juan, tourists can easily hire a boat to tour them through Gri Gri’s crystal clear waters and delight in the sight of unusual and solid rock formations which are surrounded by thick mangrove trees and haunting hidden caves. Diving and snorkeling are also among the popular activities in this place.

Rio San Juan provides the best among a lot of things. Playa Caleton is another tourist’s favorite. With its tranquil and clean water, it is ideal for an enjoyable vacation site for the whole family, it is a bit secluded but provides a romantic atmosphere as it is surrounded by beautiful sceneries as well. Surfing is an ideal activity in this place.

For the golf fanatics, a world class golf course is situated in Rio San Juan’s Playa Grande and is considered to be among the best golf courses in the whole of the Caribbean region. World class golf players play this course as it brings them a double whammy of satisfaction of playing golf and enjoying the surrounding places as well.

The people are very hospitable and friendly in Rio San Juan as it exemplify the whole positive traits of the whole Dominican Republic citizens with regards to tourists from around the world.

There are many restaurants, hotels and beach resorts located at Rio San Juan, accommodations ranges from budget to upscale rates. That’s why at the peak of summer vacation travelers are a mixture of backpackers, honeymooners, businessmen and whole families all agrees that Rio San Juan offers a wonderful traveling experience for everybody with a sense of beauty, delight and appreciation to the wonders of nature that Rio San Juan provides, which are lush trees, scenic landscapes, beaches, caves, rocky mountains and a warm weather.

Make Rio San Juan as one of your top places to hit once you set foot at the Dominican Republic. It is very easy to reach as it connects itself to every existing major transportation system in the country and getting around Rio San Juan is an experience in itself, a wonderful traveling experience to last a lifetime.

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