Bavaro is one of the areas located in the province of Punta Cana. The beautiful area is at the eastern coast of Dominican Republic. Other areas near Bavaro, also situated in Punta Cana, include Cap Cana (also known as Juanillo), El Cortecito, Cabeza de Toro, Arena Gorda, Uvero Alto and Macao. Nowadays, the beach strip of the Dominican Republic East Coast is considered as the favorite spot for people who wanted to experience the best vacation filled with lots of rest and relaxation. The beaches are definitely the perfect place for that ultimate summer get away.

The beaches of Bavaro are one of the most visited places in Dominican Republic. The water is very warm, very inviting for those who wanted to frolic in it the whole year round. There’s something in the clear turquoise blue water that makes tourists and locals love to explore the depths of the Bavaro beaches. It is so attractive that it even captivated the eyes of even the popular and prominent people can’t resist visiting Bavaro. As a matter of fact, in 2001, former president Bill Clinton and his wife went to Bavaro to have a summer vacation. It was the couple’s first holiday after Bill Clinton left the White House. Moreover, many honeymooners go to Bavaro to spend their intimate moments together. Another special occasion that is celebrated by couples here in Bavaro is the special ceremony of the profession of love – a unique tropical matrimony.

There are various all-inclusive resorts located in Bavaro. One may choose according to their taste and their budget. Most of these resorts have couples and families as their guests. The facilities available also vary from one resort to another. Some have areas that would cater services and facilities for those who wanted more than just relaxation but sports as well. Others are only built with a romantic theme, perfect for the newly weds. However, at least seventy percent of Bavaro’s accommodations have facilities for the entertainment of the whole family. The season where lots of foreigners rush to the beaches of Bavaro is during the spring break. The students coming from U.S.A. and Canada are going to Bavaro in group where they fill the clubs and the bars of Bavaro on its lively nightlife.

Several daytime activities are done by locals and tourists alike here in Bavaro. Even kids of all ages and those who are young at heart would enjoy these tourist attractions. Mini-zoos are available. It is a habitat for few wildlife species such as tigers, lions and snakes. There are also tropical gardens where you would love to get lost in. It has many unique and vividly colored flowers scattered all over the place. Adults would surely love to indulge themselves to the most soothing spa

they could ever experience. They can choose from different types of spa such as mud spa, seaweed spa, hot stone spa and more. Golf courses are also rampant in Bavaro. There are golf courses for adults and mini-golf courses for the entertainment of the kids.

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