Best Bars To Visit in Dominican Republic

We are now living in a pace where people don’t seem to get tired of working. We tend to work even on times when we’re supposed to just stay home and relax. We always thrive to do our work the best that we can but then, we must not forget that our body and mind need some rest too. Our resting time does not only mean sleeping time. We must also find time to relax, unwind with our family or friends or perhaps just to be in tune with ourselves. It could be a time with our family and do some important chores or spending it with our friends, strolling the malls especially bars and dining on any popular restaurants.

Dominican Republic has lots of nightlife options to choose when you tend to spend a vacation with your family or unwind after you do some business related work. It has popular nightlife locations where you’re able to socialize, drink, dance, celebrate any festivals and sometimes gamble. Some of these bars and restaurants are available at hotels where you could stay and more of these are available in cities especially in beaches where people socialize wearing only covered bikinis and swimming trunks while sipping the best drinks in town.

Since Santo Domingo is the capital city of Dominican Republic, most bars and restaurants can be found there. If you’re in search for a casual ambiance, K-Ramba Bar could be the place for you as music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are very much popular there. Enhance your talent on karaoke singing, dancing or just hanging out with some friends at the Crazy Pub located at Zona Colonial. If you want to dine with your family and friends you can visit Museo Del Jamon as this is a popular bar/restaurant located in front of Alcazar de Colon at Santo Domingo.

Bars are available at Punta Cana too especially the famous Bavaro Nightlife, a disco bar available at Bavaro Beach Resort. This place usually opens late, about 11pm as it gets jam-packed after midnight. On the other hand, if you want to meet some Dominican Republic locals you can stroll around Plaza Bavaro for more bars and restaurants available. Other popular bars located at Iberostar or Rui Hotels is the Disco Pacha that charges admission fee for those who do not stay at Rui Hotel. A local bar called Onkle Tom’s is also available a hundred yards down the beach. If you want to see some live band performance, visit Sosua as this place gets pumping starting 11pm. Other popular towns to visit if you want to enjoy the nightlife are Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, La Romana and Cabarete.

Around Caribbean areas, Dominican Republic has the most number of restaurants available as restaurant establishments can cater British, Chinese, Cuban, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Taiwanese, Swiss and most importantly Arabian food specialties. On the other hand, many of these restaurants feature local foods too for its guests to taste something different on their lives. Popular Dominican dishes are “a la criolla” or known as guisado with meat, fried foods such as “chicharrones de pollo” and heavily seasoned chicken or beef.

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