Blue Nile Jewellery

People have changed their way of life significantly. Embracing the advance development of technology, internet opens more possibility for people to get in touch with larger world. “Being connected” to the internet means being globally connected with the world. Even more people start to choose online shopping rather than the offline one, due to the practical reasons. Any product can be purchased through internet. Daily needs product to more vulnerable product such as jewellery are now accessible in online stores. Online jewellery shopping has gained its popularity in these recent years.

There are many online jewellery stores established to answer the demand of the society upon reliable and trustable online stores that can give them high quality products of jewellery with shipping facilities. Blue Nile is an online jewellery store established in the middle of crowded online jewellery business. Firsty established in 1999, the web keeps growing to be the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewellery. With its popular concept that “choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated and diamonds can be simple to understand”, the store grows and serves larger scope of customers day by day. With its high standard of customer service, the store is awarded by the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, as the only jewellery that gives the best and trustworthy service for the customers.

Blue Nile offers only high quality, certified diamond jewellery which is recognized by the independent and most respected diamond grading labels. Strict standards are applied by the company to preserve the quality of all products offered in the store. The diamond standard quality reaches colorless to near colorless grade with above average clarity in very precise cut. Diamond jewellery offered are only the certified ones, followed by the insurance and guarantee for the customers. Meet also the best pearl jewellery by Akoya cultured pearl jewellery that has the best luster in the perfect round shape. The precious metals jewellery offered are perfectly selected to be in their best performance. Platinum, gold, and silver are the most popular collections. They share the same durability and beauty properties which are timeless and pure.

Another amazing facility by the store is the education and guidance section. The experts of the company, who have been experienced in jewellery business for at least in years, gratefully helps the customers to be well informed about the products they intend to purchase. Either it is a diamond engagement ring or beautiful necklace for her gift, the experts will give suitable suggestion so that the customers will not experience any regret in the future. Yet, since all Blue Nile products are adhere to the top standard of quality which coming with proper quality and lifetime warranty, it is sure that the number of complaint from the customers is particularly very low.

The process of ordering to the shipping is very simple. In the catalogue of the store, a customer can choose his or her most convenient product. Experts’ advice is available if it is necessary and free consultation via internet is also possible. After an order is set, the next process is the payment. There are some options of payment using credit card or PayPal available, prior to the method which is chose by the customer. The shipment of the order is made according to the estimation of number of days required to finish the process, time needed for packaging, and the delivery estimation to the customer’s address. The best shipping partner, FedEx, is used as the main delivery service option. All of the processes are completely secure. The online transaction is protected by SSL encryption technology, disabling any fraud and cyber crime to ensure the secret of the customer’s personal detail. The estimated arrival time to Singapore is between 3-6 days, prior to the detail of the order. The nice thing about the shipment is that, all of the shipment service is free of charge, with no additional charge via FedEx International priority. With the certified diamond products, exquisite material choice, skilful artisans, prime quality jewellery; shopping in Blue Nile is completely an exciting experience. Visit the Blue Nile website right now to know the details of the product and shipping services.

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