Boca Chica

When God created the world, He showered Dominican Republic with tons of splendid beaches that never fails to amaze anyone. One of these magnificent natural pools include Boca Chica. It is a place where most tourists and Dominican Republic locals go to so that they can get close to the clear waters of the visited yet unspoiled paradise of Boca Chica. Boca Chica is not just an excellent place for sun bathing, building sand castles and swimming. It is also a place where the whole family can enjoy, relax, eat fresh foods and bond. Moreover, Boca Chica is also a beach in Dominican Republic where thrill-seekers may experience different kinds of water sports.

Boca Chica is a beach in Dominican Republic that is near in many different tourist spots and establishments. Coming from the airport, Boca Chica can be reached within fifteen minutes. It is also near Santo Domingo’s capital city where many historical spots are located. For the sports minded, from Boca Chica, they may go to the Las Americas Speed Race Track or to the Mirador del Este Sports Park. The latter was built in 2003 for the Pan American Sports event. Boca Chica is also few minutes away from the internationally acclaimed college school in Dominican Republic called Las Americas Institute of Technology, also known as ITLA. For those who wanted to experience a beach with a wilder water, they may leave the kids and other companions in Boca Chica and may head at the nearby beach called Embassy Beach at Playa Caribe which is only 10 minutes away from Boca Chica.

The beach of Boca Chica is a great place for adults and children. It has a thriving coral life under the clear blue water of the beach. The sand is very fine and colored in white. One hundred yards away from the shore, everybody may swim without the fear of getting drown because the water is still waist deep. The waves are calm and beneath lies only the soft white sands of the beach. However, during weekends, the beach is crowded with all the residents from the capital city visit Boca Chica for their one-day bonding with their family, friends and loved ones. At night, Boca Chica’s façade turns into a lively evening of music, food and party. The nightlife in Boca Chica is extremely awesome.

No matter how much is your budget, you can eat the finest food that the beach of Boca Chica could offer. There are different kinds of restaurants that cater local foods and international foods depending on your budget. Most of the foods served as sea foods fresh from the waters of Dominican Republic. Aside from the restaurants, there are also tons of places in Boca Chica where one can do souvenir shopping. There’s no need to walk around looking for items because the local sellers usually wander Boca Chica to sell some of their merchandise, handcrafted products and alike. They even render hair braiding services while you are comfortably sitting in the white sands of Boca Chica.

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