Luxurious Bracelet Watches in Singapore

We can differentiate two sorts of wristwatches: the ones that comes with a bracelet and the other which come with bands, leather or plastic ones. There are the watches which have interchangeable band possibilities but most watches are either band or bracelet watches. Let us see some of the characteristics of bracelet watches and some great watch retailers in Singapore where you can buy some great quality bracelet watches.

Bracelets of bracelet watches are usually made either of stainless steel, titanium or gold, because these materials are all non-corrosive so they will be the same even if they are touched by human sweat, rain, or any other sorts of water. Usually watchmakers will decide on flavour whether to make a watch with straps or bracelets. Mostly women’s watches are more likely to be made with bracelets though and professional watches have either leather or specific plastic bands. Bracelets make the watch heavier that makes them not that good for sports or any other active lifestyle. The advantage of bracelet watches is that bracelets may last up to twenty years, while a leather strap must be changed every 5 years, the latest. Although bracelets are made with special care, you should be dubious if you are a man with a hairy wrist because metal bracelets are likely to catch hairs and cause an uneasy feeling. Alternatively, just fix the bracelet to be unable to make any movement on your wrist. Normally, bracelet watches with gold or titanium bracelets tend to be more expensive than the leather straps but this often does not make a huge price difference as it is mostly counted according to the sole quality of the watch and the name of the brand. However for sure golden bracelet watches are more expensive than leather strap watches. Non-leather straps are made of rubber, nylon or plastic. Other advantage of bracelet watches is, that it is easier to personalise the bracelet than the straps and they are less likely to fall off.

Normally, some sort of watches look better with leather straps, others are made to look better with the metal straps. Also, among ladies’ watches and jewellery watches there are some items which are planned to look like bands or jewellery bracelets. On the newest model of Burberry watches, the watch is hanging on the bracelet together with other decorative charms. Therefore, there are so many different sorts of bracelet watches it would be hard to count them. The most interesting is, to see a watch with different style of bands and bracelets. What we can say is that leather straps are more popular nowadays over the metal bracelets but of course, you can buy a watch for both the everyday use and for special occasions. From women’s leather watches the variety is so huge! You must check out the stores of Chopard and Cartier in Singapore. You will find them both in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, the largest and newest shopping mall of Singapore reflecting the highest number of luxury brands. In the most elegant watches stores, such as the Sincere boutique or the Glass Hour, but we can also mention the Swiss Watches Boutique, the House of Time ( on Orchard Road) then you will see that there is plenty of choice no matter which type of watch bands or bracelets you would like to take.

One thing that people in the world believe in unity is that “time is gold”. Even some people believe that time is more precious than gold. No wonder if watches have become an important thing in people’s life. As time goes by, watches are not merely the simple time pointer which is used around the wrist but also in the model of a bracelet. This kind of watch is called bracelet watch. The uniqueness of bracelet watch is that those who see it can sometimes misunderstand it as a common bracelet because the watch itself usually is hidden, but it does not mean that the time pointer cannot be seen by the wearer. The simplest model of bracelet watch is the ones with the simple round model of bracelets with the analogue or digital time on the body of the bracelets. This bracelet watch model sometimes has a button to light up the time so that the time numbers. One model which is common is the watch that is usually made of silver or gold tones metal and has wide chains. This kind of watch is usually worn by male and the one with narrower chain is for female.

Another model of bracelet watch is those with unique chain and some accessories. This is the model of watch that can be misunderstood as a common bracelet. Bracelet watch with chain is made beautiful so that the wearer can wear it multifunctionally as watch and bracelet. This watch can even be combined with gowns or formal dresses. The famous brands of this jewelry watch are Tudor, Arnex, Fossilheart, Michael Kors, etc. The last model is the cuff bracelet watch. This model does not fully surround the wrist because the chain is in the shape of C letter. Cuff watch is worn by inserting the wrist to the missing part of the C letter, just like the cuffs. Just like the previous model, the cuff watch is usually decorated with diamonds or colorful stones, so it can flatter the gown that you wear as well. Gruen by Quartz and Victoria Wieck are the two brands that produce many beautiful watch in this model.

One of many important cities in the world that has a big contribution in trade and tourism is Singapore. This city is famous for its hygiene and shopping experience. Besides having many tourism spots that can fondle both local and international tourists, Singapore is also a great city for trading because of its good economic system. These two elements enhance the possibility for international brands to plant their root in Singapore. No wonder if the luxury watch brands such as Alexander Christie, Rolex, Tissot, Sandoz and many others want to sell their products here.

Because of the variation of luxury brands that exist in Singapore, local and international tourists have many options when they are going to buy a watch, either the simple watch or the bracelet watch. These brands are available in many watch shops, such as King Wah Watch & Pen at Peninsula Plaza lvl. 1, Kwang Guan/Prestige Time, Choi Hing and Hing’s Watch at Bras Basah Complex lvl. 1, Nanking Watch Dealers at Peninsula Shopping Centre lvl. 1, K2 Watch Co at Tg Katong Shopping Complex lvl. 3, Excellent Watch Co at Funan IT Mall lvl. 1, Watch Fashion at People’s Park Complex lvl. 3, J.W. Horological Gallery at Pickering Street-Great Eastern Building, Champion Time at The Bencoolen lvl. 1, Mustafa Centre at Serangoon Road, Goldenland Watch at Lucky Plaza lvl. 1, House of Time at the basement of Lucky Plaza, Ang Mo Kio Watch at Thomson Plaza lvl. 1 and many others. These shops have their own uniqueness. Some of the shops have reasonable discount and price that make you do not need to bargain, while some others also provide the classic pre-owned {watches} or the old stock of certain brands. Some of the shops even sell the chains for the changable watches. If you long to buy a new watch, make sure to buy the authentic watches for the best quality and durability

The most beautiful and biggest bracelet watches collections you will find in the boutiques of Sincere Haute Horlogerie represented in many of the central Singapore shopping malls, such as ION Orchard. Other great chance for you is to check out the huge variety of City Chain stores that offer all sorts of elegant, fashion, classy and sports brands of watches. Along Orchard Road, you will find the largest number of watch stores, both label stores and retail stores of multiple brands where you can get to see a large variety of bracelet watches.

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