Bracelets Made of Titanium

Are you a bracelet wearer who likes to go to swim in the public swimming pool? Don’t you feel hesitate to wear your bracelet whenever you are going to play at a beach, worrying that your bracelet will corrode by the water? Titanium bracelet is your answer to be stylish in every water-related hobby that you have. This kind of bracelet is made of titanium which is known as a strong material that has the corrosion-resistant as its nature. Titanium’s natural color which is silver does not mean that it will look ugly when it is worn as an accessory.

Titanium bracelet has become a popular kind of accessory nowadays, and one of the popular shops providing titanium bracelet is Phiten. Phiten is first founded in Japan, but since it enjoys the development of the era, the branches are open everywhere in the world. Not so far away from the headquarter, Phiten is open in Singapore which is considered as an honor for Singapore as a modern fashionable country. Phiten’s affiliated company in Singapore is in Phiten Asia Pacific in Ubi Techpark Lobby E. While the other branches of Phiten are Phiten Marina Square at Raffles Boulevard, Phiten 112 Katong at East Coast Road, Phiten Tampines 1 at Tampines Central 1, Phiten Causeway Point at Woodlands Square, Phiten Nex at Serangoon Central, Phiten Takashimaya at Orchard Road, Phiten Tangs Orchard at Orchard Road and Phiten Changi General Hospital at Simei Street. Most of these stores are open everyday even on Sunday and public holidays. You just need to choose the closest store from you.

Titanium bracelets are unique in some ways. Firstly, from the design. Most titanium bracelets, indeed, have similar design. They are in silver color and looks like chains. What makes it unique is the shape of the chain which differs from one another. One bracelet might be in the rectangular shape, while the other might be in the heart shape. It is also possible that the design is in the shape of bike chain, only in silver color. The current design of bracelet of this kind is usually decorated with diamond or another blinking stone. Regarding the color of the bracelet, the common titanium bracelet is usually combined with the gold or black colors, while Phiten’s titanium bracelet is specially made with many colors such as black, red, blue, pink or the combination of those colors. You just need to find the best design of this bracelet to suit your dress and occasion.

The second uniqueness of titanium is related to human body. As its nature, titanium attracts and absorbs oxygen, which is very helpful to relieve pain and swelling, and brings it to the body of the wearer. Considering those functions of titanium, Phiten processes this material into aqua-titanium that emits low level radiation. Phiten is famous of its health-related products and titanium bracelet becomes one of its trending products and it is worn by many athletes. Many arthritic people and athletes wear titanium bracelet in any kind of design because of its function to heal swelling issues. The swelling which is regarded as having a negative energy by the alternative medicine can be lessened by giving a positive energy that comes from titanium. This kind of alternative medicine results in no more pain on the swollen part. Titanium bracelet can also be used to help in the healing process of carpal tunnel syndrome by arousing the nerves in the problematic area. These are the second uniqueness of titanium bracelets.

Since the titanium has the ability to absorb oxygen and bring it to the body, wearing titanium bracelet can apparently makes the body relaxed and refreshed because inhaling oxygen functions to refresh our body. The oxygen that is brought to our body can freshen your mind and give you more energy during the day and a tight sleep at night. Another good point from titanium is that it is compatible to our body. It is less likely for our body to induce allergies and infections refuse things that are made from titanium, therefore medical stuff and body piercing are made from this metal.

No more hesitation in wearing titanium bracelet, right?

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