Caprivi Region

When you are planning for a Namibia travel, Caprivi is one place that you should not forget. Caprivi has an abundant wildlife of over 450 species. The wildlife in Caprivi is well protected because there are many nature reserves in the place where animals can freely walk. Caprivi is one of the most popular gaming spots in Namibia; it is also a good place for bird watching.

Caprivi is one of the 13 regions of Namibia. The Caprivi region has a population of 79, 826 (from 2001 census). This region has 14, 528 square kilometers and a population density of 5.5 persons per square kilometer. Katima Mulilo is the capital of Caprivi. Caprivi took its name from Caprivi Strip, which is one of the town’s tourist destinations. The Cuando and Kwando River as well as the Zambezi river is connected to the Caprivi Strip.
The Caprivi’s season is tropical. Some of the times, this town has a very high temperature, while during the months of December to March, rainfall is expected more. These months are the rainy season in Namibia. With an average of 4 months with rainfall, Caprivi is considered as the wettest region in Namibia.

Moreover, the place is surrounded by many foreign countries and us bordered by the following places: Okavango, Angola, Botswana, and Zambia. Caprivi has six constituents namely Kabe, Katima Mulilo Rural, Katima Mulilo Urban, Kongola, Linyanti, and Sibinda.

Caprivi has almost 80,000 people. There are different ethnic groups in Namibia depending on their regions, traditions and beliefs. These groups have caused confusion and distinction among the Namibian people. The people in Caprivi belong to the ethnic group Lozi.

When you go for a Namibia travel adventure and reach the city of Caprivi, you should not forget the three wonderful game parks that the place has to offer. These parks are namely the Caprivi Game Park, the Mamili National Park, and the Mudumu National Park. The Caprivi Game Park extends to the Kavango and Kwando River. There are many spall species in the area but are not often seen because they are far from the roads. Visible animals in Caprivi Game Park are buffalo, elephant, kudu and roan. 339 species of birds have also been spotted in Caprivi. The Mamili National Park is a little park in Caprivi. It is mostly surrounded with water/wetlands. The Mudumu National Park has very active wildlife with over 430 species of birds, and visible animals such as elephant, roan, buffalo, kudu, sable, impala, oribi, wild dog and zebra. The river in this park serves as a home for some amphibians such as crocodiles and hippopotamus.

Aside from these parks, there are also other nature reserves in Caprivi which takes care of their wildlife and its habitat. Some of the nature reserves are Bwabwata, and Mahango Game Reserve.

When you are visiting Caprivi in Namibia, you can do a lot of Namibia travel adventures. There are also many tourist destinations that you can visit as well as accommodation. Enjoy your travel to Namibia by visiting the Caprivi region.

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