Car Rental Prices in Dominican Republic

Taking a vacation is more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about anything especially with your means of going to and fro the many different places you wish to visit. Transportation means a lot but unfortunately it is not advisable for tourists to bring their own cars with them to another country especially if you are staying there for a short period of time like a vacation or for corporate business reasons. For this, better to find a car rental company that offers great services by browsing the country’s directory like newspapers and of course, the web for more choices and by calling them up to know the rates and reserve one for you. When you’re settled, you’ll definitely enjoy your space with no worries.

Car rental is a must for every tourist destination especially in Dominican Republic where you can find great locations for its subtropical climate. Though you can always take a bus, a cab, or any kind of transportation vehicles in Dominican, you’ll feel better if you rent a car because it will give you the ease and control of your time. There are lots of rental companies in Dominican Republic available in each town with lots of car choices too. However, you have to consider certain issues too in renting one like the company’s services that will suit your budget and so on.

Usually, the types of cars available for rent at Dominican Republic’s rental car companies are sedans and sport utility vehicles (SUV) manufactured by popular car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Kia, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and more. These types of cars can be in 2 to 4 doors, perfect for couples or a small family. There are even large types vehicles that you can rent if you think the size of the car is too small. Certain features of the car might not be available for those low-end models so better visit a car rental company and see what‘s the best deal for you that you think will satisfy your taste.

Cars for rent in Dominican Republic typically come with automatic air conditioner. To avoid being bored, music is available in these types of car though it sometimes varies too as some cars are with built-in AM/FM cassette radio or a CD player only. High-end cars could have all these features also but sometimes with additional built-in TV as well. You can choose a manual or automatic type of car depending on your preference. Just remember that the higher the value of the car, the expensive the rental fee could be.

The rental fee of each car varies on the type of car you want to rent. It can be as cheap as $22 and can be as expensive as $60 or more inclusive of tax and insurance fee. The length of rental period also affects the rate of a certain car of your choice. Mostly, the longest time you rent the car as stated on the contract like days, weeks or months, the cheaper the rates it could be. Bear in mind that the rental fee increases especially during peak seasons in Dominican Republic.

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