Cartier Bracelets in Singapore

Everybody must have ever heard of Cartier, a famous jewelry French company which has been selling accessories for men and women for more than 150 years. The quality of the jewels have made Cartier became people’s choice for accessories, even King Edward of England had chosen Cartier as his only jeweler and named Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers.”

As a famous jewelry company, Cartier has made many kinds of accessories and keeps innovating new designs for its accessories, started from the ring, watches, necklace, earrings, and bracelet. Cartier also offers the high quality material for all of its accessories, from leather goods to the silver, gold, and diamond. One of the most famous accessories of Cartier is the Cartier Bracelet, which later becomes more famous because of the charity.

This Cartier Bracelet was designed in 1969 and even though it is already more than 40 years ago, people still love this bracelet. This Cartier bracelet has a unique design, with the letter O pattern and a line inside of the O make it looks like a locking mechanism. However, this bracelet really has a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism of the bracelet makes it unable to be removed anytime instead using the supplied screwdriver, which will be provided by the time you buy the bracelet. This luxurious Cartier Bracelet or also known as Cartier Love Bracelet is made of various materials, silver, gold, white gold, pink gold, ceramics or platinum, and diamond as the additional touch to replace the O pattern.

In 2006, Cartier introduced the Love Charity Bracelet, using the same design of the Cartier Bracelet along with additional word “Love” on the golden ring part. From the selling of this charity bracelet, Cartier donates $150 for a variety of charity. This version of Cartier Love Bracelet was promoted by Eva Mendez in 2009.

In 2011, Cartier created more designs as the resemblance of this Cartier Bracelet. Other products such as the rings, necklaces, and watches were designed to complete the set of the bracelet. The necklace is also a perfect match for the bracelet since the screwdriver of the Love Bracelet can be attached to the other’s necklace as a symbol of commitment to the relationship. Cartier Bracelet also comes with another different style, the bangle or the cuffs bracelet, which does not require the locking mechanism but can be attached directly into the arms.

This bracelet has a high entry price since being introduced and keep rising until now. However, the bracelet worth the price since it has a good design and perfect to be used in any place or event. Moreover, wearing the Cartier Bracelet along the full collection of it will make a perfect set of accessories for women who are really into fashion and concern about their appearance.

Since this Cartier Bracelet is really interesting, you can find many replicas of the bracelet along with the whole set. Although the replicas are not genuinely made by Cartier, some of them have a really good quality. However, you should be careful if buying the replicas even if it looks great and seems flawless. To be safe, you can just visit the Cartier boutiques which are spread around the world. The Cartier also offers online selling through the website for visitors from all around the world.

As for people of Singapore who want to come and visit the stores directly and please your eyes with so many accessories offered by Cartier, you can come into Cartier boutiques which are spread in Singapore. There are four official Cartier boutiques in Singapore, which are selling all products of Cartier from the accessories, eyewear, and watches. The boutiques are located in the ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City Takashimaya, and Takashimaya Escape. You can find all of Cartier collections in the boutiques and order which kind of accessory you like. However, beside those four official Cartier boutiques, you can also find the Cartier accessories in other outlets of total 19 outlets, nine of them are selling the accessories while the rest of them are only selling the watches and eyewear. As for the accessories, you can find at the Aesthetic Bay PTE LTD, two Cortina Watch outlets, the Fashion Gallery, the Fook Hing Trading Co., two The Hour Glass outlets, and the Watches of Switzerland.

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