Luxury Jewellery by Chaumet

Marie-Etienne Nitot a jeweller from Paris who was the pioneer of the establishment of Chaumet Jewellery. Together with his son, Nitot created jewels that amazed and catched the attention of French nobles until in 1809 he made his own jewellery store which was the continuation of his father’s store. However, since Napoleon, the person whom Nitot worked for since 1802, was exiled he was forced to sell the business to Jean Baptiste Fossin.

Fossin embraced the romantic and naturalist-themed in his art and worked for Louis-Philippe. Although his creation has been trusted by important people in France and outside France, the success came to an end in 1848 because Jean-Valentin Morel’s boutique attracted Fossin’s customers with its productions of hardstone goblets. Then, by 1885, Joseph Chaumet became the son-in-law of Morel and took control of the jewellery house.

Chaumet combined the creation of the previous Renaissance style with Japanese art in Chaumet jewellery. This idea brought success and popularity to him and his sons and grandsons. Since then, Chaumet Jewellery has been trusted as the creator of creative ideas of jewellery and fine jewellery in all over the world. Its fourteen artisans have an important part in processing the gold and gems and assisting the designers to bring the best pieces of art to the customer. It is a relief to know that Chaumet jewellery can be easily found now rather than in the past.

Of course, its availability in more than 450 stores around the world makes people who have been lulled by the beauty of the jewellery feel relieve. The beauty of this jewellery indeed is irresistible. Check out the most famous collection named Joséphine. This collection was made to celebrate the power of love and was a tribute to Empress Joséphine, Napoleon’s wife. This expression is illustrated in the form of tiara. Besides creating the real tiara, Chaumet also transforms this luxurious head ornament into beautiful rings, bracelets, and transformable sautoirs. Yellow and white gold decorated with diamonds and other germstones will make every woman who wears it becomes a princess.

The other collections decorated with diamonds only are Liens and Anneau.If you love the purity and simplicity of diamond, these collections are suitable for you. Liens symbolizes the attachment of the relationship of romantic engagement, family, and friendship. Available in any kinds of jewellery, from head to fingers, the designs of this collection nicely show the intimacy of human. While, Anneau which is the simplest design of Chaumet, has clean lines and generous roundness as its signature.

On the contrary of the simplicity of Anneau collection, Classics brings out the amazement of luxury through the collection. Classics is made of the most precious stones and the highest quality of materials to show the elegance of Parisian. Decorated with classic yet beautiful stones, this collection is the perfect combination with those who live in an elegant luxurious life.

If you want to buy an anniversary gift, Le Grand Frisson with its abstract expression of falling in love will be able to express your timeless love. Ready to fall in love with the same person for your entire life? The gemstones in this jewellery will explode that feeling to your beloved one. Choose this if you agree that love is an abstract feeling.

Take a look at Bee My Love which symbolizes a growing love that is seen from the honeycomb-shape of the rings and decorations of the earrings, necklaces, and tiara. Although all of the jewellery in this collection are decorated with diamonds, in order to make it more cheerful, Chaumet combines the precious stone with other colorful gemstones, such as sapphire, pyrope, opal, etc.

If bee becomes the symbol of growing love, Attrape combines the bee and spiderweb and plays its seductive game through the playful colors of precious stones. This collection jewellery brings natural elements to you through its unique designs. No one has ever thought of the beauty that can be created through the combination of these small animals, right? Purchase the jewellery and bring the beauty of nature to your beloved daughter or bestfriend or your partner. Cheerful their life through it.

Collect every collection of Chaumet to enhance the quality of your life by purchasing the jewellery at Chaumet stores. In Singapore, you can find it at ION Orchard and Galleria Level on the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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