Citigems Jeweller Singapore

As one of well-known tourism countries in the world, Singapore has indulged its visitors with so many attractive options to spend your precious holidays by offering many places to visit which have so many things to buy. Besides becoming one of well-known tourism countries, Singapore is also the biggest Shopping country in Asia, especially in South East Asia. Many visitors from all over the world come to visit this attractive country to taste the luxury and enjoyment of spending their time on holiday or any occasion. When we are talking about shopping, especially shopping in Singapore, there is one thing that you must buy there. It is the most wanted item for those who love to shop, especially women. It is jewellery. Singapore’s jewellery manufactures have also been listed as well-known jewellery products that have been distributed all over the world. One of those famous jewellers is Citigems jewellers.

Citigems jeweller provides its customers with variety of jewellery products that will please their needs of jewellery. With unique and best quality designs, Citigems has made many items for the customers to choose. Though it has jewellery with some gemstones as its set such as sapphire, Citigems’ jewellery concerns more to diamond jewellery. Its products are covering from necklaces, earrings, and the best-seller product, rings. Each of the jewellery is made of the best quality materials and gems. The material that is used for the jewellery is white gold, the best material that fits to the shiny gems such as sapphire and diamond. With the combination of purity and shine of the white gold and the clarity and luminosity of the diamond, the Citigems jewellery is worth it jewellery to purchase. However, when we are talking about diamonds, some people might worry that they brought a conflict diamond that is illegal to sell. To make its customers sure to invest their money on its jewellery, Citigems guarantee that its diamonds are the best and legal to sell. The diamonds used for the set is not random jewellery. They are diamonds with best quality and certificated as the real and legal ones. Citigems also gives the proof about their gems by showing the 4C (Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut) explanation of their diamonds on their catalogue so that its customers will not worry anymore to purchase its jewellery.

Citigems mainly comes with three kinds of its jewellery collections. They are Avoire, Rosella, and Perfect Love. Here are the brief explanations of those collections. The first one is Avoire. For the ones who wants luxury and unique design of jewellery, Avoire is one of must see jewellery to consider. With the combination of white gold material combined with the shiny gems such as colour diamond makes this collection is worth it to purchase. Along with best material of the jewellery, Avoire also provides its customers with unique designs that cannot be compared to other jewellery products. Most of the designs is unique spirals with mini cuts diamonds and gems adorn it. There are also other unique designs such as heart shape pendants with mini diamonds on its sides, five-side cubic shape earrings with diamond in it, and many other unique designs to look.

The second one is Perfect Love. Perfect Love, compared to the two other collections, is more suitable for bride couple. It is usually used as engagement or wedding jewellery. It is also suitable for being valentine gift for your love of your life. Since it is usually used for engagement and wedding, most of Perfect Love collection’s products are rings, especially diamond rings. With the set of shiny diamonds, this collection has reached the best selling jewellery on Citigems collections. This collection is using Belgium diamond for its collection. It is also marked as the world’s highest standards in diamond grading that makes them more worth it to have. This collection crafted by its expert and talented artisans makes this collection unrivalled. There are several types of Perfect Love collections. It is designed as key, heart, water drops, crosses, and other fancy designs with some diamonds attached on its side.

The last one is Rosella. Like Perfect Love collection, it is also a symbol of love. However, Rosella is symbol of love from Citigems to its customers. It provides some kind of jewellery that unique and incomparable with the other jewellery. Most of the products of this collection use diamonds. Besides using only white gold, Rosella gives its customers the yellow gold jewellery or even the combination of both. Most of its products are necklaces with unique and spiral shapes of pendants and of course with diamonds and other gems attached to it. To reach Citigems is not difficult.

Citigems is located at every places in Singapore such as Orchard road, Vivocity, Marina Bay,313@Somerset. It has more than 22 boutiques spread alond Singapore.

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