De Beers Jewellery in Singapore

Having been known as the family company who had the biggest domination on diamond mining, diamond trading, and even diamond industry, De Beers has put its root since 1888 in jewellery industry. Cecil Rhodes, the founder, started the business by investing the profits of renting water pumps to miners to buy small mining operators. This good step brings him De Beers that we know today.

As what has become its strongest point, diamond is used in most of De Beers jewels. This pure white stone, without any doubt, has attracted people from anywhere, especially when it is combined with yellow, pink, and white gold. It is the combination that can lure anyone who wears it, both women and men. And since De Beers understands about this, they create jewellery for both sexes.

For men, the diamond symbolizes strength as shown it the collection of cufflinks. Meanwhile, the men’s bands are created with simbolism. The diamond in this collection is hidden on the body of the bands, creating the simple yet mysterious look. Although there are not so many collections for men, the existing collections are made by bringing symbols that are believed in some traditions, for example the Lucky Square of Strength Coin which is believed to bring luck by Chinese tradition or Talisman that is believed to bring certain magical property for luck by Arabic people.

The collection for women are more varied if we cannot say complete. De Beers tries to spoil women with all jewels with diamond. Enjoy the luxury of bathing in light with this beautiful precious stone on your ears, wrists, and neck and catch the eye of others whenever you go!

De Beers’ creative designers bring the elegance to your ears by combining various kinds of materials with diamonds and creating unique designs. This earrings and ear studs will always suitable for any occasions. For the ear studs, the collections consist of De Beers signature studs and De Beers Aura Double/Single Halo which combine platinum and white gold with solitaire-shaped diamond in which the color and the clarity grades can be selected by the customer; Enchanted Lotus, Cocktail Fizz Flower, and Cocktail Fizz Pear Cluster that bring the beauty of flowers and nature to your ears with the combination of white gold and various carat of diamonds; Sweetheart that brings the eternal beauty through its 18k white gold and 44 round diamonds in the shape of hearts; De Beers Classic that timelessly decorates your ears with the simple round brilliant diamonds and platinum; Talisman Signet, to be paired with the one in men collection, which uses white and fancy color diamonds in the round-shaped yellow gold; and many other fascinated collections. Besides these studs, De Beers also creates earrings for more cheerful occassions.

De Beers rings have many collections. For this jeweller, diamond ring is the symbol of eternity, therefore it becomes the main jewellery for De Beers to show off the the endless diamond light. From the collection of beautiful engagement rings to the collection of symbolic rings, De Beers creates the designs that will never make anyone gets bored of it. One thing that always gives De Beer rings strong point is that the diamonds, no matter how many it is, never be too many for one ring. The designers of this brand can make it perfectly.

To beautify your wrists, De Beers does not only provide bracelets but also bangles. This jewellery is made based on the theme of the collection. It also has the Lucky Coin and Talisman if you want to be paired up with your couple. And to complete your jewellery collection, purchase the necklaces with beautiful pendants and chains. Getting the jewellery in set will help you to combine it with your dress.

Come to Marina Bay Sands at Bayfront Ave, Singapore to find the one that suit your taste the best. This is De Beers first store in Southeast Asia and it proves that Singapore is the first country that becomes the choice of this Luxembourg-based jeweller to spread out its fame in this area. This store even was built based on the function. With the warm lights and dark wooden floors, you will find the impressiveness of the diamonds that you will bring throughout your life.

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