Discover The Amazing Nightlife of Dominican Republic

Tourists and locals are commonly seen dotting the stunning beaches of Dominican Republic during the day. They usually take advantage of the tropical whether as they frolic on the pristine beaches or bathe their bodies under the sun. But when the sun starts to set, everybody rush to their hotel rooms to change into different clothing that would fit the Caribbean atmosphere of Dominican Republic during the night. The bars and restaurants start to set their establishment’s lights on as they get ready for the rush of the loyal clients and new customers by the time the sun lost its rays in Dominican Republic.

There are lot of bars and nightclubs to choose from. These are great places with excellent services, gorgeous staff, and loud music. Visiting some of the nightclubs and bars of Dominican Republic is a prime way to enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, socializing with the beautiful Dominican Republic locals and dancing. You can find most people dancing and grinding to the latest upbeat tunes played by the disc jockey or sung by live bands. These establishments are usually open up to the wee hours of the morning. If you want to have an authentic Caribbean nightlife experience, there are some clubs which are Dominican-owned that only plays Bachata or Merengue music. Moreover, they only serve locally-made drinks to its customers.

The most popular local drink enjoyed by many in the island of Dominican Republic is known as the Cuba Libre. It is usually accompanied with a local rum and a soda. The glass is adorned with a small piece of lime. For those who love to drink beer, Dominican Republic boasts it’s locally brewed beer called the El Presidente. It is commonly served ice-cold and by far, hasn’t disappointed anyone who tasted it. There are also several tropical cocktails listed on the menu of Dominican Republic bars and nightclubs. Common orders include Cahparinas, Banana Mamas, Pina Colada and Rum Punch. However, if you go for good-tasting wines, browse the luxurious hotels, bars and restaurant typically located at the high end resorts of Dominican Republic.

For those who do not want to blend with the lively people in the nightclubs there are several restaurants that cater fine-dining along the streets of Dominican Republic. There are many places to choose from depending on your budget. Culinary specialties are served and it varies from one region to another. Most of the meals are served with rice, seafoods, vegetables and meat. The dishes are much alike of the native Antillean or Creole recipes inspired by the South and Central American cooking style. The spices are just light for your taste buds. However, if you are up for a more daring local delicacy, you must not miss getting an order of the infamous Sanchoco Prieto. It is a local Dominican Republic dish which is a perfect combination of seven different meats including lamb and goat meat. The popular El President beer is usually recommended to wash down the heat brought about by the spice of the local dish.

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