Discovering the Khomas Region

The Khomas Region is one of the 13 regions composing the country of Namibia. The Khomas region is the sixth region of Namibia with its capital city {Windhoek}, one of Namibia’s popular tourist destinations. The Khomas region is subdivided into 10 constituents which are Katutura Central, Katutura East, Khomasdal North, Moses/Garoeb, Samora Machel, John Pandeni, Tobias Hainyeko, Windhoek East, Windhoek Rural, and Windhoek West.

The population in the Khomas Region from the year 2001 has reached up to 250, 262. It is currently the region which has the highest population among the other regions of Namibia. The Khomas region takes up 37,007 square kilometers area of Namibia. This region has a population density of 7.0 persons per square kilometers. Khomas is one of the regions in Namibia which doesn’t have shorelines and foreign border countries. It is bordered with 4 of the other regions in Namibia namely Erongo in its west, Otjozondjupa to the north, Omaheke to the east, and Hardap from the south. Khomas is a very important region during the election because a high percentage of votes come from this place.

Almost majority of the people in the Khomas Region live in the urban areas of the region. The children were well taken care of and given enough education. The Khomas Region has one of the highest employment rates among the other regions in Namibia. The lifestyle of the people in the Khomas region is standard. Most of them are working so they are able to provide food, shelter and other necessities for their families. The people in the Khomas Region spoke 3 common languages: the Oshiwambo which is 37 % among the households in Khomas, the Afrikaans with a 24 % in Khomas households, and the Damara/Nama with 13%.

Many tourists who plan for a Namibia travel always decide to visit the Khomas region. There are so many infrastructures, building, shops, and other tourist destinations that you can visit while you are in the Khomas region. Two dams can be found in Khomas, the Avis Dam and the Friedenau Dam. These dams were built along time ago, and still play an important part in the lives of the Khomas people because most of their waters come from these dams. Aside from these 2, there are numerous tourist destinations that you can visit in the Khomas region. Most Namibia travel groups bring tourist to the capital of the city which is Windhoek.

The most popular tourist destination in the Khomas region is found in this place. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Windhoek are Alte Feste, the Christ Church, the Rugby Stadium, the Independence Stadium, the Khomasdal Stadium, the Maerua Mall, the Namibia Breweries Limited, the National Library of Namibia, the Parliament Gardens, the Sanderburg, the Sanlam Center, the St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Windhoek Country Club Resort, Windhoek Public Library, and the Zoo Park.

Windhoek is known for being the modern city in Namibia. It is where you can find many of the most luxurious hotels, shops, restaurants, and other establishments during a Namibia travel.

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