Exploring The Magnificent Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio is one of the seven regions located in the southern coast of Dominican Republic. It is thirty minutes away from the east of Santo Domingo and a few miles away from Boca Chica. The region has been a popular tourist destination in Dominican Republic ever since. But it was only in the latter years of 1980’s that real estate developers began building several private and public resorts, private properties and luxury villas. Most of these newly developed areas in Juan Dolio are inspired by the Caribbean Riviera style. Many investors decided to develop their lands because they have foreseen the potential of the region in the industry of tourism.

One of the main attractions located in Juan Dolio that the region is proud of is the exquisite golf course called the Metro Country Club’s Los Marlins Golf Course. The brilliant mind behind the design of this golf course is the world renowned architect named Charles Ankrom. He is known for his unique ideas in developing golf courses. It is made up of 18 holes placed at the most challenging areas to make the play more thrilling. For sure, golfers of all level would enjoy being the said sport here in Los Marlins Golf Course. Moreover, visitors may get excellent service from the staff of the golf course. They would also be able to get lessons, tutorials and tips from professional golfers who are willing to teach them a thing or two about the sport. Even non-golf enthusiasts will enjoy accompanying their friends because of the stunning site here is Los Marlins. The design and the landscape are created artistically. This is the prime destination for your golfing vacation.

There are many activities that can be done here in Juan Dolio. Tourists may do some horseback riding as well as deep sea fishing in the beaches of Juan Dolio that extends up to twenty-five kilometers. Scuba diving and snorkeling is also few of the popular activities that can be done in the region.

Juan DolioMany interesting places in Juan Dolio are best visited during the day. Not only golf fanatics may enjoy the region but baseball aficionado as well. At Campo Las Palmas, baseball lovers would be delighted in watching live baseball games. Campo Las Palmas is also the place where the famous Los Angeles Dodgers usually recruit their new players. For those who wanted to have an adrenaline rush, the racetrack of Go Kart Bahn is located on the highway going to San Pedro. All of the go karts are for rent would make you feel the thrill of spinning around the racetrack. Ladies would surely appreciate the beauty of the Tropical Plantation which is located at the road of Hato Mayor-Sabana de la Mar. The labyrinth of paths and the green jungle dotted with different beautiful flowers in vivid colors would make you want to be lost so that you can have more time in finding your way again. Juan Dolio is certainly the place to be for that one of a kind holiday.

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