Flights To Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country particularly located on the eastern part of the second largest island in West Indies called Hispaniola. Its population is consisted of different types of people but more of European & African nationalities. This country has only one official language, Spanish with religion such as Roman Catholic and sometimes Protestant. Different views are to be seen in Dominican Republic as it generally is a mountainous country from northwest to southeast. Dominican Republic’s largest city is Santo Domingo and also serves as the capital city of the country.

Other than agriculture, Dominican Republic’s economy improved because of tourism as it brings regular visitors to the country. For this, the government enhanced the country’s tourism services by making its landscapes much more interesting especially the services of their main airports and its flights. As of now, ten main airports of the country are servicing its guests by providing them the best accommodation they can offer. These ten main airports located in the country’s different towns serve flights to distant and nearby countries. Seven of these international airports are important as it is located in different regions which divide the Dominican Republic.

In the south part of the country, Las Americas Int’l is the most important airport. It is the largest of all airports in Dominican Republic and also one of the largest in the Caribbean which can serve up to about 3 million passengers annually. Las America Int’l Airport is located in Punta Caucedo near the town capital of Santo Domingo and Boca Chica and can hold large carriers such as Boeing and Airbus. Other international airport in the south are the Maria Montez Int’l airport in Baharona and La Isabela Int’l airport in Santo Domingo with airlines such as Air Century, American Airlines, Caribair and more. These two airports also serve charter service for tourists.

Two main airports have services in the north region of the country. One would be the Cibao Int’l airport located in Santiago and the other is the Gregorio Luperon Int’l in Puerto Plata. American Airlines, Caribbean Sun and Continental are the primary airlines that occupies Cibao Int’l airport in Santiago with flights from different US states and from the country of Puerto Rico. On the other hand, American Airlines, Continental and Delta airlines also serve flights from US and Puerto Rico to Puerto Plata with Gregorio Luperon Int’l as its receiving airport.

The Punta Cana Int’l and La Romana Int’l are the primary airports that can be found in the east side of Dominican Republic. Located in Punta Cana, the airport is known because of the flights it can offer to Caribbean countries. Seven known airplane companies serve this airport such as Air France, Northwest, American Airlines, and Continental with flights from US, Sweden, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, Panama and Austria. La Romana Int’l airport with its two primary couriers, American Airlines and US Airways, serves flights from US and Puerto Rico only. In the northeast side can be found Samana’s new airport named El Catey Int’l airport that serves countries such as Canada, US, Paris and Spain.

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