Artistical Jewellery Designs by Frey Wille

Marina Bay Sands at Singapore not only has endless entertainment that is provided by the pleasure of the food and high-end brands clothes boutiques but it also serves the customer with the luxury of classy brands of jewellery. One of the most favorite jewellery brands in this mall is Frey Wille, or usually written as FREYWILLE. This jeweller is famouse for its hand decorated designs which are made neatly. These artistical designs are based on the creation of 19th and 20th century artists that bring the classic and modern arts into this one brand. Frey Wille that was founded by Michaela Frey and Friedrich Wille, the couple of local artisan and accountant-lawyer, even designed the jewellery of Hermès until 2009.

The brand that claims its jewellery as distinctive jewellery surely knows what people expect when they hear this motto. Frey Wille creates jewellery from gold and gives the touch of colorful motifs on it. This kind of design is the one that makes it different from the others. The artists of this jeweller come from different background, especially the 19th and 20th century Austrian painters, that makes the designs unique. These artists are Gustav Klimt, Adele Bloch-Bauer, Claude Monet, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Alphonse Mucha, and others.

The 18 to 24 carat gold that becomes the basic and main material of the jewellery made by this Vienna jeweller will not look like the common gold jewellery. The themes of the colorful motifs are also made uniquely that it can catch the attention of others whenever you enter a room. Take a look at Kilimanjaro motifs. This is inspired by the spirit of Africa. The gold is decorated with the animal prints of tiger, zebra, gecko, and other special animals of Africa. Besides, the Floral Symphony inspiring Bouquet of Dreams might also fit your taste. Have you ever imagine if the beauty of flowers’ colors decorate your body? This is the perfect choice to make your imagination comes true.

If the water city of Venice is one of your favorite cities in the world, Frey Wille’s Venice can bring the symbols and special elements of Venice directly to your hand. Another way to eternalize what you love, right? The beauty of blue in Claude and Klimt’s collections will also flatter your skin. The brightness of the blue can suit any tone of skin, and thus it makes you easier to combine with your dress because it is dominated with one color only. Enjoy the gradation from the lightest blue to the darkest blue on your jewellery. While the motifs of Ode to Joy brings the joy of life with its playful color of blue, red, pink,etc and various shapes.

Owning one from each collection or buy it in set will never make you regretful. Frey Wille jewellery is the best investation that a woman can have. Besides the uniqueness and the beauty of the motifs, the jewellery also has high quality that can make it last longer than others might. Therefore, once you buy it, you can inherit it to your daughter or your niece or even your granddaughter. That is the quality of the original Frey Wille jewellery. Make sure to purchase the authentic ones in its official stores, because Frey Wille does not sell the jewellery online or at any other stores.

If you are interested to check out the collections, visit the official website at to make sure that you do not get the fake ones. By visiting the website, you can also find the motif that you like the most and cut your time at the shop. Well, because the world of Frey Wille is enormous, you might need to spend quite much time to choose one or two.

However, if you prefer to look the jewellery up close, your visit will never be rejected by the nice staff at the shop. While going to the shop, you can also enjoy the beauty of Singapore. This city has nice environment and beautiful views. The best place to have quality time with your family and relatives. No wonder if Singapore is chosen to build the Frey Wille’s flagship, among other 89 flagships around the world.

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