Georg Jensen Jewellery Singapore

Jewellery comes into a wide selection of designs, patterns and types. They are so amazing and beautiful; draw so many attentions from people. They also come with different price range which is quite tempting yet expensive, too. Some of them are produced under top and popular brand names in the world, while others are only locally produced. Some famous brand names are Chanel, Hearts on Fire, Armani and Dior. However, have you heard about jewellery made under the name of Georg Jensen? Well, for the collector, maybe this name is so familiar but not for others. So, let me explain you a bit about who is him and how does the company look like.

The company itself has been established since 100 years ago and the first founder was Georg Jensen. This company not only produces jewellery, but also lifestyle products such as watches and home products. All the products here are made in good and high quality by the craftsmanship. They come with sophisticated and timeless design.

In creating his products, Georg Jensen always put his philosophy which reads a product must have both functionality and beauty. So, a product is not only about beauty or it looks great, it looks modern and cool but also about how it works, whether it works properly or not. His first company was established in Copenhagen in 1904. Until now, he is known as a man who comes with the ability to produce things include jewellery in artistic way.

In creating his products, Georg Jensen always gives a touch or style of Art Nouveau lines but also gives something different that becomes his trademark up until now. Some unique characteristics of his products seen in their ornament, his flowers bouquet and bunches of grapes which show his fondness for nature. There are several shared values contained in his jewellery and products. Those values are integrity, authenticity and Danish design. Since he comes from Danish, he brings Danish’s values which are the simplicity of life, the Nordic light, clean water and fresh air.

Georg Jensen presents the categories of jewellery to make it easy for access, which are Spring news, Necklaces or Pendants, Earrings, Cufflinks, Brooches, Men’s jewellery, bangles or bracelets, gift boxes and rings. The collections are Fusion, Moonlight Blossom, Moonlight Grapes, Daisy, Heritage, Magic, Artist Heart, Extra, Regitze, Sphere, Cascade, Dew Drop, Alliance, Centenary, Zephyr, Infinity, Mobius, Smithy Cuffs and Spirit. Let us discuss some of them.

In the category of Spring News, you can find a wide selection of jewelries such as fusion ring, fusion bracelet, fusion bangle and moonlight grapes. The design and style presented are really simple yet elegant. If you are a man and looking for a special gift for your loved-one, one of collections here is a perfect choice. If you are a woman with simple but classy personality, this collection comes with its variety of options that fit with your personality. In Spring News, for example, they have Fusion bracelet – 18 kt made from white gold with brilliant cut diamonds, Magic ring – 18kt. Made from white gold with black diamonds and Magic Earrings – 18kt. made from white gold with grey fresh water cultured pearls and diamond cut brilliants.

In the category of earrings, you will find that they are created and made in very unique styles, shapes and designs. I bet that you will really like those beautiful earrings. You can wear them in any occasion and no matter your outfits look like, you still look pretty and fashionable. In earrings, for example, they have Magic earhoops – 18kt. made from yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds, small; Regitze earrings – 18kt made from gold and Cascade earrings – 18kt. made from white gold with brilliant cut diamonds.

Do you want to make your outfits look stunning and charming? The category of Brooches offers a wide selection of brooches. Choose one and attach it to your clothes. Now, you are ready to break the world. In Brooches, for example, they have butterfly brooch-sterling silver, Mobius Sterling Silver Brooch 347B, small, Moonlight brooch 159 with moonstone and Moonlight blossom brooch- sterling silver.

Georg Jensen has successfully introduces his jewellery throughout the entire world, including Singapore. In Singapore, the store itself is located in Unit No. #01-K1 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road 238859 Singapore and its telephone number: +65 67 33 00 21. It is open from Monday to Sunday at 10.00am – 09.00pm.

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