Getting Around Dominican Republic

With a land area of more than 18,000 square miles, getting around the country can be a daunting task for the adventurous traveler. However, there are several ways of getting around the country’s varied terrain.

The most effective and cheapest way to get to the Dominican Republic from any part of the globe is by air, as part of a package tour. With seven international airports and more domestic airports, flying can be the most convenient and fastest way of roaming around the country. Domestic, as well as charter flights, are available at very low prices (around $60 USD). Nevertheless, travelers are well off to remember that the Dominican Republic does not comply with international standards in maintenance and safety in air travel.

Buses are the best way to travel around the country. They are cheap, convenient and comfortable. There is the Metro Bus or Carib Tours which are air-conditioned and there are also the gua-guas, the smaller buses that are favored by the locals. Their size allows them to move around faster and fares come up to just a few Dominican pesos.

Rental cars are quite expensive but can be a great way to explore far off places at your own pace. There are rental agencies all around the major tourist destinations which offer fleets of four wheel drive cars or sedan cars. Driving in the Dominican Republic can be quite intimidating and you should be older than 25 years, own a credit card and more importantly have steady hands to drive.

Rental companies also offer mopeds and scooters and might be the better idea if you want to travel on dirt road and avoid traffic and corrupt police officers on the highways. They are cheaper than rented cars and can get you to places that buses and cars can’t reach. However, safety is still an issue with scooters and mopeds due to less than ideal road conditions. Always wear helmets and drive cautiously if you plan to travel the country this way.

If you plan to tour in a limited or small area, maybe just the city, taxis can be hired and are cheaper than renting cars. Some smaller taxis will have fixed rates and can be reached through a dispatcher that will send a taxi to your location. Travelers are advised to use well known taxi companies to avoid incidents of mugging and theft.

Then there is the Carro Publico, a taxi that ply a certain route, usually a major avenue, while loading and unloading passengers along the way. It is like a small bus built for four passengers, inexpensive but uncomfortable.

There are also the Ferry and boat service. Service is limited but you can travel to and from Puerto Rico several times in a week.

A few smaller ferries will offer to take you around the different destinations around the country.

With so many destinations to see around the Dominican Republic, tourists will continuously flock to the country. Helping you get around will not be such a headache as there are many available modes of traveling and sightseeing.

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