Hardap Region of Namibia

Namibia is the biggest country in South Africa which is divided into 13 regions, and Hardap is one of these regions. The best Namibia travel should always include a visit to the Hardap region which has a population of 68,249 during the year 2001. The calculated space area of the Hardap region is 109, 651 square kilometers. The calculated population density of the people in Hardap is 0.6 persons per square kilometer. Mariental is the capital city of Hardap. Hardap’s border regions are Erongo, Khomas, Omaheke, and Karas.

The Hardap region is subdivided into 6 constituents. These are Gibeon, Rehoboth Rural, Rehoboth Urban West, Rehoboth Urban East, Mariental Urban, and Mariental Rural.

Languages spoken in Hardap are divided almost equally into two: the Afrikaans and the Damara or Nama. A high percentage of the children here are going to school. The region has a good standing in education. Employment rate is also high, however the percentage of forced laborers are also high. The livelihood standing of the its people is in an average position. People are able to live comfortably in their own houses.

If you are planning for a Namibia travel, going to Hardap is one of the things that you should not forget. There are many buildings and infrastructures in this region that you wouldn’t want to miss. Namibia travel and tours are actually suggesting that you visit not only Hardap but all the regions of Namibia to have the greatest Namibia travel experience and adventure.

Mariental is the capital city of Hardap, and it is where the Hardap Dam is located, one of the interesting things to see in Hardap. This infrastructure was built since 1962. Hardap Dam is the largest dam in Namibia. The Fish River is flowing from the Hardap dam. The Fish River is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and the Orange River in South Africa. A great wildlife can also be seen near the Hardap dam. The Mariental Railway station is an important infrastructure in this city. This is their means of transportation connecting the city to Namibia.

Gibeon is another constituent of Hardap. The Gibeon Railway Station is their official railway station to Namibia. This railway is connecting Namibia to South Africa.

The Oanob Dam is another wonderful infrastructure in Hardap. It is found outside the Rehoboth region. The Oanob River flows from this dam. This dam is very useful to the people of Hardap because majority of their water comes from this dam. The Oanob Dam was built in the year 1990.

The Duwisib Castle is one of the great buildings and structures in Hardap and one of the best spots in every Namibia travel. It is located in the southern region of Namibia. This castle is an exquisite building getting its materials from Germany. Some of the workers of this castle were even hired from the countries of Ireland, Italy, and Sweden. The Duwisib Castle was built by Captain Hans Heinrich von Wolf, who was assigned during that time in the Western part of Africa. The Duwisib Castle was finally built with 22 rooms. This castle is a great tourist attraction not only because of its beauty but with the history it holds.

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