La Romana

One of the most popular regions of Dominican Republic is the La Romana. La Romana ranked as the third biggest city in the whole island of Dominican Republic. As of 2005, La Romana already has at least 240,000 inhabitants including locals and foreign immigrants. This region is filled many stunning beaches which makes it a favorite destination for most tourists. That is why in 2002 the La Romana International Airport was opened so that many may easily access the region. Since the airport was opened to the public, the booming tourism in La Romana grew even more since the local resorts may now be reached within several minutes from the airport.

La Romana is not a region with abundant natural tourist destinations. It is also a place where many growing companies and establishments are situated. Most areas in La Romana is owned by a huge company called Central Romana Corporation. Almost one-hundred percent of the La Romana locals are currently employed, usually related in the field of tourism. Other locals are getting their income from the Zonas Francas, also known as the free zone, or from the Central Romana Corporation. Aside from the growing economy, La Romana is also proud of one of its prominent citizens whose name is familiar in the computer world. He is Juan Alberto Cirez, one of the great minds behind the Linux Distro.

One famous site in La Romana is the Altos de Chavon. This is a semi-circled theater made out of stones that is said to be a replica of the Mediterranean village in the 17th century. There are at least five-thousand seats in this amphitheater. Many people gather in Altos de Chavon to watch concerts and other musical performances starring different famous artists in the music industry. Aside from the theater, there are also gift shops, galleries and restaurants located within Altosde Chavon. The restaurants do not only cater delectable foods but a great view of the dramatic mountains of Rio Chavon.

La RomanaAnother place in La Romana which is visited by many popular celebrities such as Julio Iglesias or Juan Luis Guerra is the La Marina. There are several stores, apartments, restaurants and even ice cream shops to quench the thirst from your dry mouth because of the tropical weather in La Romana.

A popular area in the region of La Romana is the Casa de Campo. Many golfers and golf fanatics come here not only to play the sport but to unwind as well. The resort of Casa de Campo is a home for three intensely large golf courses. One of the golf courses in Casa de Campo was coined “Teeth of the Dog”. This particular golf course took the 34th place in the list of traveler’s magazine’s best golf courses in the whole world. There are also exclusive airstrip and polo fields in Casa de Campo. Since 1975, this spectacular resort was built to be the prime tourist destination in all the islands of Caribbean. Up until now, Casa de Campo is still a favorite vacation spot for many.

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