Lee Heng Jewellery in Singapore

When we talk about diamond, gold, jewellery, jewellers, and many other precious stones in the market, we usually refer to some European old jewellery, or jewellers. It is like the Western country is the birthplace of jewellery making. In fact, many Asian countries have already known the art of jewellery making for a long time ago. Many Asian countries have a long history in dealing with precious stones and metal. The quality of jewellery from Asia is as good as the quality of the jewellery from Western countries. Asia is also one of the biggest markets of diamond, precious metal and many precious stones from the past until now. One of the well-known Asian’s diamond wholesalers from Asia is called Lee Heng Jewellery. This company is originated from Singapore, the beautiful paradise for many Shopaholics from all over the world. This company became the leading of Asia’s gold and diamond market since 1965 with plenty collections of high quality yellow and white gold and also many other precious stones. They have been serving their customers with best quality and service for almost half-a-century, so you do not have to worry about their products’ value in the jewellery market.

This company offers the traditional to modern jewellery with unique, elegant, class, and luxurious designs. They are also the exclusive distributor of EITA 917 white gold and 916 yellow gold collections. They create a huge innovation by making a softer hue in their yellow gold compare to the traditional yellow gold. They combine it with a contemporary look from their stylish designers to make their products not only elegant for the wearers, but also provide comfortable feeling when the customers wear Lee Heng Jewellery. You can see so many collections that the company provides to you in astonishing designs. They have many special collections of rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and also unique collections of golden statues. Their special jewellery products can be seen in the EITA collections, the Wedding Rings collections, diamond and jade collection, pendants & bracelets, precious stones & pearl collections, and if you want to get something really unique and rare, you may take a look at their exclusive items collection to complete your collections at home. They use the best quality of material of white and yellow gold and combine it with high quality of gemstones such as the beautiful ruby stone, stunning sapphires, precious pearls, exquisite jades, and of course the precious diamond.

They have plenty collections of engagement and wedding jewellery that will please your eyes and also complete your special moment. You can also give the jewellery to celebrate many other special moments in your life such as anniversary, birthday, mother’s day, graduations, and many other special occasions. You can trust Lee Heng Jewellers to be your choice for your special moments. Their specialty in white and yellow gold jewelleries make the quality of their gold jewelleries is out of questions. The products also come with competitive price, so you can have their piece of jewellery without so much effort. The nice service of the staffs also their luxurious boutique will make you comfortable to shop in Lee Heng Jewellers. You also have to remember that gold, diamond, and other precious stones are a very good investment for your future. With this company, you will get a big opportunity to have a good investment in jewellery.

If you happen to be in Singapore, the best place to shop and have a holiday, you may take a look at their gorgeous boutiques and have yourselves some gold and diamond for your collections at home. Their boutique should be on your “to go” list in Singapore. They have luxurious boutiques with complete collections of any jewellery that you wish to purchase. The service that is given by their staffs are also satisfying since they are educated with enough knowledge about jewelleries, so they will be very helpful in assisting you to choose the best piece of jewellery that suits you the most. If you wish to visit Lee Heng Jewellers boutique, you can find it in Chinatown Point, Tiong Bahru Plaza, and Raffles Boulevard Milenia Walk, Singapore. Explore the amazing world of Lee Heng Jewellers in the shopping paradise country and get the most luxurious jewellery for you and your love ones.

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