The Capital City – Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the biggest and also the capital city of the Dominican Republic. According to latest census it has a total population of more than 2,000,000 people and attracts visitors from all over the world all year round. It has a rich history from being the first ever seat of the Spanish rule in the so called New World and the oldest inhabited settlement place for European in the Americas few centuries ago.

Santo Domingo is situated on the southern central coast of the Hispaniola Island, where it connects with the Caribbean Sea. This strategic location of Santo Domingo makes it an ideal location for economic trade especially during the early colonial period. East of Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s busiest port which is in the Ozama River.

The economy of the city of Santo Domingo has a total GDP rate of about 30 to 45 billion in US dollar and is largely driven by the city’s vast manufacturing and services industry. In recent years the city of Santo Domingo has been gaining great economic improvements and development especially in the urban sector where tall buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, road construction and the increase in every commercial business transactions. These developments in the economic sector of Santo Domingo make it as one of the leading cities in the Caribbean region that offers the best services and an ideal place for business.

Santo Domingo attracts tourists as well with a lot of interesting places, old churches, museums, parks that serves as an ideal place for visitors not to mention a lot of places considered as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites like the Zona colonial district of Santo Domingo and of course the great city setting and friendly locals. The climate condition is very normal with tropical winds helping the lessening of the heat and december up to the month of january being the coldest months and july until august being the warmest. Same with other cities in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo is also vulnerable to strong and mid powered hurricanes.

Santo Doming also serves as the center of the Dominican Republic’s national government. The President’s official office and residence, the National Palace is located in Santo Domingo as well as the other leading Government offices like the National Congress.

Santo Domingo is also the city where the country’s leading universities are located; currently there are about 18 universities that are based in Santo Domingo, the most in any other city in the country of the Dominican Republic. Leading the way is the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo which was established way back in 1538 thus making it as the oldest university in Santo Domingo and the rest of the New World. Santo Domingo is also the city with the highest concentration of citizens that have a college degree.

Santo Domingo is an ideal and unique city with charms of its own, the rich history of the Dominican Republic are best represented in this city it is therefore one of the more interesting cities in the world.

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