Omusati Region

The Omusati Region is the 10th region among 13 others in the country of Namibia. This region has one of the highest populations in the different regions of Namibia. This population affects the availability of the region’s resources especially the fresh water. The northern part of the Omusati region is more populated which makes it harder for them to get fresh water. This is however not experienced in the southern part of the Omusati region. Flowing of water in the southern part of the Omusati region is better. In order to help the Omusati people, the government has decided to do actions on these problems. Apart from the waters, the environment is also a great deal for the people of the Omusati region. There are programs that the region is continuously doing that started since the early 1990’s. One of the activities in this program is tree planting. This aims to increase the decertification of the region. It also aims to improve the re-establish and upgrade the environmental status of the Omusati region. If you are planning for a Namibia travel adventure, a stop over to this town would be a great idea. You will not only enjoy participating in the activity, you will also the region achieve its goals in preserving their environment.

The percentage of children attending school in the Omusati Region is quite high. So the government is trying to maintain the educational status of their region, at the same time does further research and developments in order to provide quality education to their children. There are also projects intended for the improvement of the children’s education in the Omusati region. This project is called the child aid community project. This project does not only aim for the improvement of the children’s education in the Omusati Region, but as well as their economy, livelihood, food, security, nutrition, and health status. Aside from the children, the older people are also provided with vocational courses that can help them improve their living. Courses offered for the vocational courses are Business and Secretarial studies with levels one and two, and bricklaying and plastering with levels one and two.

The Omusati Regional Council is an important organization in the Omusati region. It is a well established group which aims to improve and develop the standard of living of the Omusati people. When you go for a Namibia travel into the region of Omusati, there are investment opportunities that you can find in the region. Some of the projects where you can invest in the Omusati region are warehousing, quarrying, environmental projects, and general environmental projects.

If you are looking for a Namibia travel adventure, there are also many tourist attractions that you can find in the Omusati region. Some of the tourist attractions in this region are the Uukwaluudhi Conservancy, the Tsandi Royal House, the Himba Girl, the Ruacan Water Fall, the Hippo Pool, the Rock Formation, the Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Center, and the Omugulugwombashe Monument. These are some of the tourist attraction that you can visit in the Omusati Region where you will surely have a wonderful experience.

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