Oshana Region

The Oshana region is a part of the 13 regions of Namibia. Oshana has 10 constituents which are Okaku, Okatana, Okatyali, Ompundja, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Oshakati East, Oshakati West, Uukwiyu, and Uuvudhiya. Oshakati is the capital city of Oshana. It has a population of 161,916 since 2001 and takes up about 8,653 of the area of Namibia in South Africa.

When you go for a Namibia travel in the Oshana region, there are 4 popular places you you should see: The Olushandja Dam, the Ondangwa Airport, the Ondangwa Railway Station, and the Oshakati Independence Stadium. The Olushandja Dam has a maximum capacity of 42.331 cubic millimeters, which supplies water to the areas outside Oshana, near the Kunene River. The Ondangwa airport is an airport serving the town of Ondangwa in the Oshana region. The Ondangwa airport is operated by Air Namibia and is offering flights going to Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The Ondangwa Railway Station is another facility serving the people of Ondangwa town in the Oshana region. The Ondangwa Railway Station is a part of the TransNamib Railway Station which leads to the town of Windhoek and to its nearby extensions. This is one way that you can experience a local Namibia travel experience. The Oshakati Independence Stadium is located in the center of the Oshana region. It is a football stadium which can accommodate 8,000 spectators. It is the home of the famous football league in Namibia: Namibia Premier League.

Oshana takes its name from the wonderful landscape found in the region named “shallow”. It is one of the most outstanding landscapes in the Oshana region. This is a great area for the Oshana people to provide for their living. Fishing is one of the sources of livelihood in the Oshana region. Growing of Omahangu is also a source of livelihood in Oshana. The Omahangu is the main crop grown in the Oshana region. Cattle raising is also practiced in this region and the resources are very abundant. Aside from this, there are numerous buildings and establishments in this region which provide employment for their people. The Oshana region is where some of the biggest commercial establishments are found. If you want your Namibia travel experience to focus on shopping, Oshana is one of the regions that you should visit.

Oshana has been visited by many tourists and they think that the region offers a great Namibia travel adventure. The region has displayed a great area for growing crops, providing vegetation for its people, providing a home for many species around the region, and protecting their wildlife. With these characteristics, the Oshana has been called as one of the national treasures of Namibia.

If you are looking for places to stay in Oshana, there are numerous farms, hotels, and other accommodations that can provide you service and other needs. One on the famous farms here is the Oshana Farm. It is a self catering accommodation in the area. In here, you will be able to have a comfortable stay while viewing the wonderful sceneries around you.

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