Oshikoto Region

The Oshikoto region is located in the northern central part of the country Namibia which is in South Africa. Oshikoto is the border region of Ohangwena, Okavango, Otjozondjupa, Kunene and Oshana. The Oshikoto region is one of the thirteen administrative regions of Namibia where cattle farming and mining are the major source of livelihood.

In terms of agriculture, the Oshikoto region is divided into two areas: the northern area and the southern area. In the northern area of Oshikoto, agriculture is the main focus and source of their economic standing, while as in the southern area, their economic activities include mining and cattle rearing. The mining industry has helped and contributed to the improvement of the industrial standing of the Oshikoto region. What connects the northern and southern part of Oshikoto is a trunk road.

The Oshikoto region is a home to the Ndonga people. They are known for producing rings and other tools made of copper. The Ndonga people believe that both parts of the Oshikoto regions (north and south) have their importance and contribution to the livelihood of the Ndonga people even during the early times.

Aside from mining and cattle rearing, the Oshikoto region is also considered as a good place for growing crops. Omahangu is a crop grown in the northern part of the Oshikoto region.

Oshikoto is a region of Namibia which has 10 constituents namely Eengodi, Guinas, Okankolo, Olukonda, Omuntele, Omuthiyagwiipundi, Onayena, Oniipa, Onyaanya, and Tsumeb. Tsumeb was the capital city of Oshikoto up to the year 2008, and then Omuthiya from the year 2008 up to the present. Tsumeb is considered as the passage way going to the northern part of Namibia. The town of Tsumeb is close to one of the most famous tourist destinations in Namibia, the Etosha National Park. Majority of the Namibia travel tour guides bring visitors to this park because of the wonderful scenery that it has to offer.

When you are planning for a Namibia travel holiday, you do not have to worry about your accommodation. There are numerous hotels available in the capital city of the Oshikoto region. Some of the hotels nearest to the center of Omuthiya are Rhulani Safari Lodge, Madikwe River Lodge, Walmont at Mmabatho Palms, Clifftop Lodge, Saint du Barrys, Oystercatcher Lodge, Shelley Point Hotel, Spa and Country Club, and more. You can see that some of these hotels have interesting and intriguing names that make you think about.

To make your Namibia travel in the Oshikoto region more exciting, you can also visit some of the important buildings around the region such as the Tsumeb Railway Station. It is a part of the TransNamib Railway Station which leads to the other parts of Namibia like Windhoek, where you can also visit many tourist destinations. Aside from the Tsumeb Railway Station, there are other means of transportation that you can use to travel to other parts and regions of Namibia. Some of the airports near Omuthiya are the Eenhena Airport, the Ondangwa Airport, the Oshakati Airport, the N’ giva Airport, and the Ongiva Airport.

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